Unlock 4 status in India allows up to 50% physical reporting for school staff

A new guideline concerning the Unlock 4 status in India has allowed physical reporting for school staff, but still, no physical classes allowed.

School guidelines under Unlock 4 status in India

Earlier last week, the government announced the near commencement of the Unlock 4 status in India, public transportation through the railway system was one of the main highlights during the announcement. Just now, a recent development has added a new guideline under the Unlock 4 status in India, schools, and universities will be allowed to operate physically, but limited to at most 50% of the total workforce for both teaching and non-teaching staff.

School workforce reporting physically will help in the implementation of the online learning program, especially in online counseling for mental health debriefing of incoming students.

In addition, the new guidelines will also permit students from grades 9 to 12 to physically report for tutoring and counseling purposes only. Only schools located outside the hazardous zones will be allowed to operate under the new guidelines. The implementation is expected to start by September 21 as proper sanitary guidelines are constantly being revised to ensure public health and safety.

Railway system in India

Railway transport was expected to resume operations today under the Unlock 4 status in India, however, the Ministry of Home Affairs opted to move it to September 7. Other activities are slowly being added on the list of allowable during the Unlock 4 status, some of which are selected international flights, open-air theatres, and even school operations.