Upcoming educational innovations: Potential for transforming learning

Upcoming educational innovations are set to transform learning and teaching procedures. 

Realistically, technological advancements have been reigning supreme in many sectors, and education is not an exemption. 

Various innovations are expected to transform the education spectrum, and this will make productivity inevitable. 

Upcoming educational innovations in the classroom

Upcoming educational innovations will substantially alter the classroom environment. 

For instance, the flip classroom is set to be inculcated, whereby students will be optimally encouraged to take part in the learning process. 

This concept requires learners to use IT at home in their learning process. Later on, their teachers test the level of comprehension when they attend class. 

Virtual reality is also expected to change the classroom environment. For instance, it will integrate experimental learning, and this has proven to be an amazing education approach.

Virtual reality or VR is part of upcoming educational innovations expected to reign supreme in the fourth industrial revolution or 4IR.

Virtual reality is experienced hands-on, and this is attained by wearing a VR headset that is instrumental in putting the user at the center and in front of the action. As a result, in the VR world, the experience becomes palpable and almost tangible.

AV supplements part of upcoming educational innovations

Audio-visual (AV) supplements in classrooms are to be fully adopted in the near future. This technology is ideal as it assists students to comprehend and learn things better. 

As a result, teachers have started using AV supplements in explaining different subjects, such as math, chemistry, and physics. They are beneficial as they offer graphical representations that come in handy in the comprehension of complex equations. 

Conversely, role play is also part of upcoming educational innovations. It is typically the utilization of entertainment to instigate education. 

Role play is being incorporated into both primary and senior secondary levels. Students are required to undertake roles of legendary and great figures, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King, among others. 

Cloud computing technology is an ideal upcoming educational innovations that makes learners access educational materials from anywhere at any time.

Students can store written lessons, audios, and videos on their institution’s cloud terminal. 

The other upcoming educational innovations include student-centered learning, collaboration, 3D printing, peer teaching, and biometrics. 

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