US sanctions on Huawei products having an unintended global split of technology standards

The continued sanctions on Huawei products is projected to cause a global split in technology standards. The ongoing trade war has also caused a drop in sales of Huawei products.

The US sanctions against China top technology companies such as Huawei is having a ripple effect around the globe. This comes amidst an escalating trade war between the two countries where the US is accusing China of not playing by the rules in developing their latest technologies. They have also accused China of planning to use Huawei 5G technology to spy on government entities and other countries.

Effects of Sanctions on Huawei products

The increased sanctions led to the postponement of Mate 30 smartphone series in Europe, Huawei largest market outside China. They unveiled the product in Munich in September without indicating the release date of the phone.

The postponement of launching the Huawei product was as a result of stringent measures that were being implemented by the US that prohibits Chinese companies from using US technology in their products. Google, Microsoft and other top US companies led in restricting access to their technology with Huawei being banned to access Google apps.

This has led experts speculating that this move will lead to a geographical split in technology standards implemented. Huawei still continues to invest in 5G technology despite accusations from the US. Huawei also indicated plans to come up with their own mobile phone operating system that would be different from the global standards implemented by google through android phones.

Huawei, however, is doing anything possible to avoid this split. Although they have developed their own OS called Harmony, they have indicated that it will not be available on their phones and it is only a contingency. They are also challenging the US moves in courts where they filed a lawsuit in the US courts of appeal to challenge the ban of the Huawei products.

Mark Gregory, an associate professor in the School of Engineering at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia said,

The future direction of the global telecommunications industry could be adversely affected by the restrictions that effectively ban Huawei’s participation in some markets.

Mark sentiments is a consensus of many experts who argue that if the ban will not be lifted, there will be a split in global technology standards. Experts have also indicated doomsday of such a situation where one part of the internet will be heavily monitored while the other has freedom of expression.


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