US Student Visas will be invalid if University goes full online-learning

US Student Visa holders are warned to be sent back if the enrolled university goes full online-learning.

Invalid US Student Visa

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement notified the public, especially international students about a few guideline changes with regards to US Student Visas.

International students enrolled in Universities that announce a full-term of online learning will be forced to go back to their respective countries as their US student visa will be considered invalid.

International students in the US with a nonimmigrant status have to confirm with their respective universities how classes will be presented for the Fall of 2020. If the university is implementing a full online-schooling program, international students should think about finding another university that offers physical classes, or else be sent back to their respective countries.

According to US Immigration, the Department of State will not issue US student visas for international students enrolled in universities without face-to-face classes for the Fall of 2020. Returning students to the US will be prevented by Customs and Border Protection from entering the country if their university belongs to the list of those implementing a full term of online learning.

Go back or face charges

The US ICE warned students to consult with their respective universities about the new guidelines that will be imposed on US student visas.

The Student and Exchange Visitor Information should also be updated by schools and universities to make sure there will be no confusion on the implementation of US student visa restrictions on their students.

The decision was very questionable, as the US education system experienced a huge dip in the number of enrollees due to COVID-19, and yet they implemented an additional restriction that will result in a further deduction of students enrolled for the fall of 2002.

Director of Immigration and Cross-border policy, Theresa Brown, also questioned the move as some students belong to countries with strict travel guidelines.

If these students were not allowed to return to their countries due to travel restrictions, they have nowhere to go. It would be a traumatic experience for them, which we should not allow to happen.

The guidelines are yet to be reviewed and finalized. International students left in the US are hoping things won’t become more difficult on their end, as they have already endured a lot during this pandemic.