User experience improved with AI integration of interface

User interface integration with AI will help improve user experience and increase productivity in companies. AI is now an integral part of our society and is used in almost all domains such as education, industries, and hospitals. 

The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) has seen an expansion in domains the technology is used. AI has changed the way we interact with information, especially online, where it can analyze large chunks of data and return results with ease. However, one of the most unexplored sides of the AI is its usage in user experience.

Importance of improving user experience

In an interview with ZDNet, Chris McNabb, CEO of Dell Boomi, discussed the importance of implementing intelligent systems to improve user experience. McNabb said during the interview that you cannot increase productivity without enhancing the ease of use of a given system. He argued that this could be done by using AI to deliver ease of use of a system, which can tremendously improve the user interaction with the system.

McNabb continued by exploring how the companies need to realize now that it is not only data and application integration they need to be worried about. He said that they also need to worry about their customer engagements. He continued by saying companies need to ask,

How do I engage customers, partners, prospects, and employees in a way that gives them world-class services that can make a difference in my business? Successful transformation lives both in data and in engagement.

McNabb praised the advancement of the integration of AI systems in the frontend meant to improve user experience by highlighting the effecting of producing analyzed data on the fly. He made a reference to how analysis of Xrays imaging done by AI was much more accurate than humans.

He noted that AI systems were able to read, analyze and produce conclusive accurate data about Xrays images very fast and this improved the overall user experience with the system.

Producing intelligent data on the fly for users

Mcnabb said that Dell Boomi has been working on improving its user experience AI integration. He believes that this is where the technology world is heading, producing intelligent data on the fly and presenting them to users in a format that is easy to interact with. Integrating AI with the user interface will help in improving the productivity of companies.

Even Twitter knows small changes can make a big impact and is creating a seamless redesign based on the needs of users.

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