Vocational education graduates in the United Kingdom to get more recognition

The newly appointed UK Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, graduates from vocational programs across the country, will be better recognized for their achievements.

This pledge from the Secretary comes just as educational institutions released this year’s results for vocational training programs. 

Vocational education in the country is gaining more recognition even from the media. One of the most prominent media outlets, the BBC, is preparing a special program dedicated to showcasing the achievements of vocational education graduates.

Vocational education around the world

Educational systems around the world are beginning to recognize the importance of quality vocational training, as the labor market is signaling for lack of trained and skilled professionals. 

A recent example of the emphasis put on vocational education by governments is a joint initiative between Germany and China, which aims to boost exchange opportunities for students in vocational training between the two countries. 

According to Mr. Williamson, graduates from vocational institutions deserve just as much praise and recognition, as students achieving their A-levels degrees. This is why one of his primary goals will be to celebrate and announce the achievements of graduates in vocational training.

Additionally, the Secretary announced that he would be looking into ways to work directly with business representatives to create more opportunities for graduates to enter apprenticeship programs. If this happens, many graduate students will be able to get hands-on training in a field that interests them. 

Mr. Williamson has pledged to put vocational education as a priority throughout his mandate, and this will hopefully have a positive effect on programs across the country.