War in Syria: Children in mobile schools

Syrian children form a line outside their mobile school bus in the camp settlement in Hazano, Syria as the war rages. Years of fighting and bombings in various cities throughout Syria has caused a huge number of displaced families, destroyed infrastructures and dysfunctional schools.

One of the most affected in this war in Syria is the children, their way of learning. War has destroyed most of the school buildings and those that retain are being used as a refugee center for those affected by the war.

Idlib, Syria is known to be the focus of fighting and protest during the early phase of the Syrian war. As the conflict escalates, Idlib became the center of the rebel campaign and dragged the whole city into chaos as the years went by.

In Hanzano, a little town on the outskirts of Idlib, social works are being conducted by foreign aids to at least create a child-friendly opportunity for those children affected by conflict.

These children can’t go to school, it’s too far from where they are. This is why we came up with the idea of the mobile bus project,  a response to the need to learn by those children in Hanzano.

a statement from a local program coordinator for Syria relief.

The mobile school bus project

The charity came up with the idea of putting up a mobile learning bus for children to have access to basic education without having to travel far and put their safety at risk.

The mobile bus might not but that spacious as a regular classroom, can go a bit crowded at times, but at least it is air-conditioned. The setup inside is a whiteboard placed at the back of the bus with a carpet on the floor and some small chairs at the side.

When we fled here, there were no schools but they started to bring these mobile buses. If it weren’t for these buses, we would have no education and ways to learn, a child enthusiastically shared.

Mobile school as a refuge

The buses can only cater to children age’s five to twelve. The purpose of these buses is for basic learning and some extracurricular activities such as singing and drawing only. The charity doesn’t expect much of the learning side from this mobile bus project, what they want to have is for these children to have at least a few hours a day where they can escape from the cruelty of war and experience fun growing as a child.


This is the reality of war. People who are not supposed to be part of the skirmish get caught in the middle and are greatly affected lives taken, future destroyed, and children are always in a burden.