World Economic Forum says global education policies have to change 

In a recent report, the World Economic Forum has released an opinion piece by UNESCO Institute of Statistics Director Silvia Montoya, saying that a “business as usual” approach is not efficient for education worldwide.

According to recent statistics, about one in every six kids will not be in school in 2030. This is not even close to the targets set by the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals Fund. According to Ms Montoya, global education policies need to change, for these targets to be achieved.

Unfortunately, there is a real concern about the generation of students just entering their first years of education. According to Ms Montoya, UNESCO and all countries around the world should unite to create working solutions, which will result in free and quality education for all children, globally. 

SDG4 – the global education goal

SDG4, or the sustainable development goal for global education, was adopted as part of the seventeen targets outlined during the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015.

The main points of the SDG4 are focused on global education goals and targets for the generation about to graduate secondary school in 2030. Unfortunately, most of these targets are still not achieved. What’s most worrying is that the process of upgrading school systems and curriculums to meet these targets has not even started for a lot of countries.

Education is one way to ensure that the future of the whole world is in capable hands. Many members of the United Nations have accentuated this. Uganda is a good example, as President Yoweri Museveni recently congratulated the government for its increased efforts to improve education.