World Teachers Day: NTAL warns against privatization

World Teachers Day (WTD) celebrated in Liberia, as teachers prohibit the privatization and commercialization of public schools. The event took place at J.W. Pearson High School Auditorium in Nimba County and was graced by the National Teachers’ Association of Liberia (NTAL).

The National Teachers’ Association of Liberia cited actions taken by Sierra Leone in the education sector. The association said that closing all loopholes in the tax collection system would favor the growth of public schools in Liberia.

Widening the tax net is another point raised by the association during the World Teachers Day event.

World Teachers Day celebration highlights

The event which took place on the 5th of October presented an opportunity to discuss notable achievements of other countries. The National Teachers’ Association of Liberia highlighted the actions Sierra Leone took to restore the glory of public schools as thus;

  • Sierra Leone’s revenue increased by the elimination of loopholes in revenue collection.
  • The recovered revenue channeled into providing free quality education from pre-primary to senior secondary school.
  • Necessary textbooks and learning materials provided at no cost by the Liberian government.
  • The free school feeding program extended to almost all districts.
  • Teachers with ten years of experience get rewarded with a program that trains three biological children through the University level.
  • 50 Free school buses have been provided to assist parents in transporting children to school.

At the World Teachers’ Day event, the association of Liberian teachers also mentioned steps other African countries have taken.

Just take a look at what is happening in other countries, where their governments have declared education as a public good and, therefore, free and with equal access by all citizens.

NTAL forbids privatization of public schools

The National Teachers’ Association of Liberia (NTAL) further stressed that the government must cease steps already in place to privatize public schools. The privatization of public schools goes against the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development program and the voting public. During the celebration of World Teachers Day, this issue was at the forefront.

Funds recovered from the tightening of the tax collection system should be judiciously used for the benefit of the public, said the NTAL. The association also mentioned that enforcing anti-corruption laws will monitor the success of the tax collection system.

Teachers were encouraged when long service awards were given to 25 teachers in the World Teachers Day event. The teachers got rewarded for their meritorious service in the education system.

A retired senior coordinator for Education International, Africa Region, Emmanuel Fatoma, gave a heartfelt speech on the occasion titled Young Teachers: The Future of the Teaching Profession.

The senior coordinator praised the contributions of teachers and education workers in the system. He described and lauded the emotional attachment displayed by teachers with their work, and cautioned the policymakers to heed the call of the NTAL.