Young adults in Macon, Georgia, hardly manage student loan debt

According to recent research published by Experian, Macon county in Georgia is ranked twenty-eight in terms of the average cost of university education. In the past year, scholar debt in Macon has risen by more than seven percent (7.1%), which is why the county is now in the top thirty counties ranked by average student debt.

These increasing rates result from the constant increase in tuition fees in the state of Georgia in recent years. Between 2015 and 2017, the average rate of tuition fees in Macon county rose by more than two percent (2.2%). This significant increase has resulted in students taking more massive amounts in student loans. Unfortunately, many university graduates find themselves in an unbearable situation after they finish school, as their debt mounts up. Consequently, fresh graduates have to start work to repay their student debt immediately.

Many students have been voicing their concern regarding the magnitude of student debt they have to repay after graduation; however, the government is not taking this as a factor. In fact, in Middle Georgia college tuitions rise as well. Just recently, the University System of Georgia approved a further increase in the cost of getting a diploma for 2019 by close to three percent (2.5%).

Macon is not the only place where students struggle

There has been a worrying tendency as the price students have to pay for education is increasing all over the United States. Many students find it challenging to repay their loans and plunge into bad debt.

Some universities are looking into ways to start offering free education to children whose families cannot afford to pay the high tuitions. However, the overall tendency in the country is continuing to pressure students and their families.