YouTubers Union issues ultimatum

FairTube, a collaboration between the YouTubers Union and IG Metall, issues an ultimatum for YouTube to respond by August 23 on the issue of video-sharing service and similar complaints. 

FairTube has been asking YouTube to create an appeals procedure that can be inspected by a third-party team. 

YouTube has emerged to be an incredible technological transformation in the present age. YouTube is usually utilized as entertainment, information, and learning resource, among others. 

YouTube’s distinctive usage is continuously growing as depicted by the actuality that a German labor union IG Metall recently resulted in utilizing it in championing for the rights of its metalworkers. 

This happened after the trade union partnered with a YouTubers Union, a team of creators, in demanding more insights on how video-sharing service operates.

According to FairTube’s spokesman, Jorg Sprave, the initiative launched is to ensure that each YouTuber’s right is respected. 

YouTuber Union’s daunting task

The cause brought about by FairTube is daunting based on the actuality that YouTube belongs to Google, an incredibly influential and valuable global company.

YouTube is deemed as the most prominent video platform worldwide as it receives at least two billion (2B) viewership monthly. Google is known for its individualistic approach making the union’s objective cumbersome. 

For instance, Google employees have complained about the company’s unethical tendencies when undertaking different projects. 

One of the protests involved an initiative called Project Maven, where artificial intelligence was to be utilized in propelling drone analysis footage. As a result, a petition was signed by nearly four thousand (4000) Google employees whereby a handful of them resigned. 

YouTube’s response

YouTube has asserted that FairTube ought to make a notable investment on creators so that its objectives can be successful. 

It has also stipulated that FairTube should also make marketers feel safe when advertising on the platform. 

YouTube is witnessing a different form of protest because users orchestrated it, not employees. FairTube is hopeful that its approach will be instrumental in instigating a changeover. 

Conversely, YouTube has emerged to be an outstanding educational tool though concerns are being raised on whether it should be controlled.