Yulia Ignatyeva: Russian graduate moves to countryside to teach underprivileged students

Quality education for many children coming from rural areas is still a luxury in Russia. However, a Russian university graduate, Yulia Ignatyeva has come up with a brilliant idea and has moved to rural Russia. Now she resides in the countryside and has started teaching underprivileged students.

Yulia Ignatyeva graduated from Moscow University, one of the top universities in Russia. After graduating, at the age of 25, she moved to rural Moscow. Currently, she is a part of the Teachers for Russia Program and she teaches English at a school in Vorino.

After graduating with a law degree, Yulia worked at a state agency for a couple of years. After that, she decided to quit and move to the education sector. However, soon she realized how terrible the school system in the country is and decided to work on it.

In Russia, schools are not considered as a priority, Russia spends $240 per student while countries like Norway go all the way up to $5000 per student. The teachers aren’t well paid either, just $130 per month which is much less than an amateur salesperson. A teaching career is not an option to be considered by university graduates.

A young graduate joining as an English teacher is very good for the school and for the overall education system of Russia, according to the Principal of the school in Vorsino. Students never understood the need for studying English but after Yulia’s efforts they realize and besides that enjoy studying the subject.

Yulia Ignatyeva and other similar stories

Another drawback is that society never appreciates the school system or teachers. Students are dropped off in private cars and picked up from the school without any discussion or meeting the teachers ever. Despite this, there are some enthusiastic graduates like Yulia Ignatyeva, who are willing to challenge the under-developed education system of the country.

The Teachers for Russia program is one such program that is inspired by the Teach for All program and appreciates the efforts made by Yulia. The program was developed by two university graduates, Alena Makovich and Elena Yarmanova, 6 years ago and has been under operation since then.


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