Interpretation Of A Sentence
The following sentence is from a monograph on Chinese writing: 'If one were to label...
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"Dear" Meaning "Expensive"
What is the status of using the adjective "dear" to mean "expensive" rather than...
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Multiple Coordinate Adjectives - Commas...
I am a budding ESOL/EFL teacher in S.America that is trying to get to grips with...
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'Neanderthal' As An Insult
Another post inspired by recent political events in Washington, DC. A United States...
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He Felt Afraid (How The Heck Is Afraid...
I just looked up "afraid" in the Cambridge dictionary. It insists afraid is an "adjective...
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Not About Beowawe Nevada
About a year ago, for reasons I won't bore readers with, we came into possession...
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Elder To?
Is it possible to use comparative adjective elder* with *to ? Elder to me, elder...
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Ordinarily, Temporarily, Momentarily
I am somewhat confused about the proper British pronunciation of words like "ordinarily...
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Origins Of Modame "Liberal"
I've been doing a bit of informal research directed to finding out how AmE (political...
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Can anyone tell me what is the adjective of MANCHESTER? Thanks
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Bolded Words - Is This Not Correct?
Hi! As a non-native English speaker, I've come to face a problem with the word...
It's Really An Adverb ..
It seems to be, but maybe I'm wrong that 'really' gets used a lot as an adjective...
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Hail Fellow Well Met
The last time "hail fellow well met" was discussed on AUE was in 1999, in a very...
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Participle And Adjective?
Hello, I'm Lithuanian and I have two questions. First one is about adjectives and...
Births Registration?
I found in some government websites (mostly UK and commonwealth countries) the term...
Double Adjective Use?
I am in a debate over the following sentence... " I wouldn't call it a "problem...
SAT Question Of The Day?
Hey, I was doing today's SAT Question of the Day. I'll copy it here: Part of...
Anal About Anorak
[link] : "Anorak” comes from a Greenland Eskimo word for a type of jacket. An “Anorak...
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CELTA Course?
I would like to enrol on the CELTA course but before doing so, can someone advise...
Adjective Before Pronoun
Can an adjective come before a pronoun in english?
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