Traffic Circles, Rotaries, And Roundabouts
An off-topic thread in alt.folklore.computers brought it to my attention that many...
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Are Bre Phone Terms Turning Ame?
I just phoned a hospital in England and was told by a recorded voice that the extension...
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That Is So Not True.
That is so not true. You are so not hideous. I've heard these from American TV anmations...
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Civilian Contractor As A Euphemism
It appears that, with the death of the four "civilian contractors" in Iraq yesterday...
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Have any of you seen this TV commercial for Fed-Ex-Kinkos in the US? The customer...
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Ame Vs Bre: Garage, Hunting
There's been quite a debate going on on Wikipedia on the relative meanings of these...
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What Does The "101" Mean In "American...
In e.g. "American History 101", what does the 101 mean, and what is the correct context...
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Schwarzenegger Memorial Library?
Was Sly Stallone prescient? I think we can safely lay to rest the notion that American...
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"Non-fat" milk, ice cream, yogurt etc. Anyone else have a problem with this? I always...
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American Football Phrase
I hope someone can tell me what "to call the plays" means in American football. Thanx...
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Political Posting Of The Month
(Broken link alert.) While we have your attention, Mr President... It's not often...
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Subtitles In English
There's a recent thread on sci.lang discussing differences between Qu├ębecois and...
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Buckingham Palace
Is it true that American pronounce the 'h' in 'Buckingham' and Brits don't?
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I know that the word "counter", when used domestically, is predominantly a North...
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Yellow Legal Pad
I've read in a few novels recently of British characters in Britain using a "yellow...
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How Do UK Dictionaries Say To Pronounce...
This is something I've always wondered about. In an American dictionary the word...
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English County
Some years ago I was asked, by someone over the Internet trying to find out my location...
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Hello. Could anyone please explain to me the difference in usage of "holiday" / ...
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Horizonless Transcontinental Sentences...
Horizonless Transcontinental Sentences Department 25 April 2004 (( OK, children,...
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How does one refer to a citizen of the USA by using a single word, while making it...
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