Are Bre Phone Terms Turning Ame?
I just phoned a hospital in England and was told by a recorded voice that the extension...
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Have any of you seen this TV commercial for Fed-Ex-Kinkos in the US? The customer...
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Ame Vs Bre: Garage, Hunting
There's been quite a debate going on on Wikipedia on the relative meanings of these...
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"Non-fat" milk, ice cream, yogurt etc. Anyone else have a problem with this? I always...
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Subtitles In English
There's a recent thread on sci.lang discussing differences between Qu├ębecois and...
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Who Am I?
Can you guess my age, sex, profession, city or region of origin, or other details...
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Ebonics From West Africa?
I have read many sources that claim that Black English (i.e. Ebonics, AAVE) is connected...
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"Jews" Instead Of "Israeli"? Why?
Why do Jews refer to themselves as Jews instead of their country of origin? People...
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How Do UK Dictionaries Say To Pronounce...
This is something I've always wondered about. In an American dictionary the word...
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English County
Some years ago I was asked, by someone over the Internet trying to find out my location...
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Oogo Chavez
U.S. newsreaders always called Charles de Gaulle "Charlz," not "Sharl." They gave...
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Words Still Used In America But No Longer...
At it is asserted that the words and phrases in the left column below, all commonplace...
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According to The Columbia Guide to Standard American English , "xenophobia" has four...
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'La-La Land'
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (Fourth Edition 2000) says...
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What A Jerk!
I have stated before my reasons for being skeptical of the belief that the noun ...
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Educated Americans?
"Educated Americans have a tendency to think that intelligence can be directly assessed...
[Turn / Go Round] The Roundabout?
"Go straight down the road and turn the roundabout" Is this correct? I would have...
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West Europe
In a German book about post-war Germany, I found several quotations (in English)...
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Words That Are Not Spelled Phonetically
Has anyone compiled a list of words in American English that are not spelled phonetically...
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Why Are No Americans Named Nigel?
Why are no Americans named Nigel? And other English names? Aren't the English language...
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