Pukka Mealtimes
When is the pukka time to eat? My understanding is as follows, but I will welcome...
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I'm Feeling Ludacris Right Now
A year or so ago, someone asked me about rap music and whether I had a favorite hip...
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"Elevator" Music?
A music history professor once explained to me that "elevator music" refers to a...
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Is There A Word For This?
Is there a word or short phrase for re-drawing a state's boundaries specifically...
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Going Ballistic
Why? As I hear it, it is usually used to mean someone agitated, even frenzied. When...
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French Stereotype Used In A Serious Article
Today's St. Paul Pioneer Press reprinted an article by Craig S. Smith from the New...
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How Did 'Blue' Come To Mean Sad?
think of blues music. how did 'biue' first come to mean sad? isn't blue kind of...
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Da Vinci Code Quiz
Okay. Spoilers, I guess. Question one: You are the curator of the Louvre and you...
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The US "Christmas" Taboo: A Further Example
[link] NEW YORK (Billboard) In time for the holidays, a Jimi Hendrix action figure...
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Computers In The Kitchen
I thought I was odd, but not at all it seems. From the Times, I read: 'Long recognized...
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Test: Vocabulary.
Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. Enjoy! _________________________...
Very cinematic, don't you think. I'm a southern girl interested in this place. I...
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Kick Start
An expression frequently heard on TV current affairs programs is "kick start" as...
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Vibrato And Tremolo
Vibrato and Tremolo These terms are not used consistently. I am surprised that we...
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"Face The Music"
I wonder if any of the learned contributors to this group can tell me where the phrase...
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Cheese For Vegetarians
From the Times, or maybe it was the Journal: Certain cheeses can be coagulated by...
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Fustian, Peccadillo, Scordatura
Three words flapping around my mental attic this morning ... fustian - it's a coarse...
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The Wrigley Building And The Union Stockyard
As i am getting old, I have, surprisingly, found myself listening to Sinatra's songs...
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What Does "Let's Groove To The Music Mean...
Hi , I read somewhere the sentence "let's groove to the music" and I'm not sure...
Friday Humo[U]R
(Not sure how old this one is, but it just arrived in my email.) With all the sadness...
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