"Hot Dogs" As "Sausages" - Redux
A coincidence. Just as I finished lunch a hot dog on a bun, a tomato, potato salad...
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Disproven Disproved?
After my strode/stridden thread turned into a proved/proven thread, I discovered...
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"Yours Truly"
Having written many business letters I know that to convey a somewhat unfriendly...
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Methods Of Polite Instruction
My first name is Armond. I pronounce my name "R-mund" (accent on the first syllable...
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Pukka Mealtimes
When is the pukka time to eat? My understanding is as follows, but I will welcome...
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British Word For "Transom" (Window Over...
Elizabeth George, the California writer who writes very good mystery stories set...
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Embedded Mispronunciations
This morning I heard a BBC World Service announcer made reference to "Oppra" Winfrey...
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The Business Of America Is Halliburton
Somebody I think it was Dena Jo commented recently on the futility of trying to foil...
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Trucks & Lorries Addendum
I just remembered another use of "truck." I don't think most SUV owners call their...
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Schwarzenegger Memorial Library?
Was Sly Stallone prescient? I think we can safely lay to rest the notion that American...
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Human Race -- Is It Still Widely Used
Well if usenet or the web is any indication, apparently so. I searched and turned...
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The Problem Of Ugliness
The airlines are considering a novel move: charge their overweight passengers more...
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Is English Forever In Bharat?
Forwarded message from "Mohan Sevak" ( From: "Mohan Sevak" ( Subject: IS ENGLISH...
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Eats, Shoots & Leaves -- A First Impression
(Emailed to Andrew Franklin of Profile Books, and posted to alt.usage.english.) Dear...
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Recent Hearings
Recent hearings (compare "hearings" to "sightings"): 1. In reference to snow: "....
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IBM's Huge Mistake
Off-topic or not, this is from an article in today's Wall Street Journal, on-line...
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How To Write A Letter To My Boss For Permission...
How to write a letter to my boss for permission. I am going to take one hour permisison...
Explain Joke, Please
Enlightenment request. Today's "Pearls Before Swine" comic strip revolves around...
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Ame "Hero Sandwich"
Reading something elsenet, I came across a reference to someone having "a hero sandwich...
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Opal Fruits
I read that Starburst used to be called Opal Fruits and Snickers used to be called...
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