Concerning Idioms
Recently, we've been revisiting some old disputes in alt.english.usage concerning...
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You Can't Insult An Englishman
Can you think of a really insulting term for a Brit? Something that elicits the emotions...
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What Metaphor Am I Trying To Think Of...
I'm missing a metaphor: the one where something initially co-exists well with other...
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"Color Blind" -- What Color Is That?
Over many years, Californian governments have assiduously built up a reputation for...
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Red Wine?
Hi I wonder what should I say if I go to a restaurant and order red wine?? should...
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How Would You Punctuate This?
Is there some better way to punctuate the following sentence? He would sit in his...
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LGA Banned Words
BBC NEWS LGA banned words: full list Here is the full list of 200 words which, the...
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Political Posting Of The Month
(Broken link alert.) While we have your attention, Mr President... It's not often...
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What Is The Word For The Stick & Handkerchief...
What is the stick called that a vagrant ties the red & white polka dot handkerchief...
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Two Flags - As Described By My EFL Students
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Can A Brunette Have Black Hair?
Hi all In the Danish newsgroup, about language one person claims that a brunette...
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Yellow Legal Pad
I've read in a few novels recently of British characters in Britain using a "yellow...
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Yellow Beer: Is There A Word For It?
I think you can correctly refer to a dark brown beer in English as "dark." Is there...
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I've long been familiar with the UK spellings 'centre' and 'theatre' as compared...
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Asking For A Word
When you fall down and scrape your knee, would the scraped spot be called a scrape...
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How Did 'Blue' Come To Mean Sad?
think of blues music. how did 'biue' first come to mean sad? isn't blue kind of...
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Bush Signs Tech Censorship Bill
Source: AP Bush Signs Bill to Let Parents Strip DVDs Wed Apr 27,11:21 AM ET WASHINGTON...
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Red Seeded Grapes
Yesterday I bought a plastic box of grapes labeled "Red Seeded Grapes," but when...
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We've never really recovered from decimalisation of the currency, have we? But I...
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English Remarks Of Scots Used In A Derogatory...
I am reading a book "Being English in Scotland". The author claims about English...
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