"With Au Jus"
How common is the phrase (in English) "with au jus"? Each time I encounter it (on...
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"Things Is Getting Worser And Worser"
A few months ago, I told you all that my son uses "thing" instead of "think" in the...
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Recent Hearings
Recent hearings (compare "hearings" to "sightings"): 1. In reference to snow: "....
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Hello I've just been taken to task by my wife for using the term ginger in conversation...
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Difference Between Thank You And Thanks
Hello, Last friday, someone at my office was briefing someone else about the difference...
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Question About Accent In Singing
I was wondering, why is it that so many foreign singers can sing in a perfect North...
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Is There A Difference Between Titties...
Do the words "Titties" and "boobies" mean the same thing? Or do they have different...
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Numbers such as "three-and-twenty" are frequently found in Jane Austen's novels ...
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Test: Vocabulary.
Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. Enjoy! _________________________...
In A Conversation
Hi,I have a question. If someone tells me an order such as '' Don't do that.'',...
A Problem With Sentence Stress
Which word should be most stressed in the sentence "I hope you'll enjoy the larger...
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Circular Firing Squad
I read the phrase "circular firing squad" in an article this morning. I'd never heard...
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Alternative Meanings
I received this in email the other day. ** Once again, The Washington Post published...
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A Question Abut Subjunctive Mood?
Hi, everyone. Here is a conversation with which I'm deeply puzzled. Howard: I really...
Not So Much .. As ..
Dear all, I just used this expression in a mail: "I am not so much worried as...
Playing Gooseberry
Does anyone know what 'playing gooseberry' means in: "I had a strong feeling of...
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Sex Of Angels?
Apparently, in Italian and French popular culture, talking about the "sex of angels...
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The Frog That Says "Ribbit"
After the recent conversation here about "ribbit" (ribbet, rivet) as the modern US...
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Thrice As Much
Some time ago I was told in this ng that "thrice" is still used in adjectives such...
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"What Is The Purpose Of Your Call?"
We are a Danish firm, sometimes receiving calls from abroad. Some of the calls are...
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