Is "Is" A Verb?
"is" doesn't seem to be a verb like (say) "runs" insofar as it isn't qualified by...
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Laying Charges
I just read an article about a man in Canada who chased his hat underneath a slow...
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Branch Of English Or A Separate Language...
Branch of English or a Separate Language?
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Help! English Incomprehensible Logic ...
“speaking is a result of acquisition, not its cause" - is anybody able to explain...
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National Spelling Bee
I've been watching and I 've yet to see them present a word of English /Anglo-Saxon...
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Raisin Secs
I've noticed that English tends to have separate nouns for objects, such as, "grapes...
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Here's a fun test. The BBC has a "Spot the fake smile" test. 20 pictures of people...
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Have (Got) In British English
As far as I know, you usually can't leave out "got" after "have" in negative and...
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For My Wife And I
Still musing about this pronoun question, I ran some searches with some surprising...
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You Can't Insult An Englishman
Can you think of a really insulting term for a Brit? Something that elicits the emotions...
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Odd Pronunciations Of English Words Derived...
Odd pronunciations of English words derived from French (some of which have been...
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Speling Refohrm
Hay, Yahl*, Luhks liek itz ben awiel sins ther haz ben anee seereeus diskushon ov...
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Have any of you seen this TV commercial for Fed-Ex-Kinkos in the US? The customer...
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"Proper English" --> Converting Numerical...
I am working on a "simple" computer program to convert numbers to long form english...
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Fight To Save English Spelling
Fight to save English spelling A campaign is being launched to protect English words...
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Ame Vs Bre: Garage, Hunting
There's been quite a debate going on on Wikipedia on the relative meanings of these...
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Dice - Die
Hi AUE, I hope you can help me with this issue which we've been discussing in alt...
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Ah = Ar, Aw = Or, Aw =/= Ah / Ar
Where I come from, good old England (north), these equalities hold. However, when...
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Drive A Boat?
Dear all, In English, what verb do people use for a boat? Do people say " drive a...
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The "Split Infinitive" Rule: More Harm...
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage says, under "split infinitive" The...
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