Desirable USA Name-Change
This may be a wild and crazy idea, but the correct name for the "USA" or "America...
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"Hot Dogs" As "Sausages" - Redux
A coincidence. Just as I finished lunch a hot dog on a bun, a tomato, potato salad...
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Should I Use The British Or American Spelling...
If I am writing an article about paper money, to a world-wide readership, including...
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Cilantro Or Coriander
Is there a pondian difference in the use of these terms? For that matter, is there...
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Traffic Circles, Rotaries, And Roundabouts
An off-topic thread in alt.folklore.computers brought it to my attention that many...
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Interesting Article From The AUE's First...
"The centre/center question is a good example of why this is difficult. "Center"...
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Are Bre Phone Terms Turning Ame?
I just phoned a hospital in England and was told by a recorded voice that the extension...
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That Is So Not True.
That is so not true. You are so not hideous. I've heard these from American TV anmations...
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Speling Refohrm
Hay, Yahl*, Luhks liek itz ben awiel sins ther haz ben anee seereeus diskushon ov...
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Civilian Contractor As A Euphemism
It appears that, with the death of the four "civilian contractors" in Iraq yesterday...
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The Business Of America Is Halliburton
Somebody I think it was Dena Jo commented recently on the futility of trying to foil...
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I'm looking for a word to describe a modification made to give an appearance of continuity...
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'Pederast' In Online Merriam-Webster's...
There was a controversy involving the Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus at www.m-w...
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"Color Blind" -- What Color Is That?
Over many years, Californian governments have assiduously built up a reputation for...
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Ame Vs Bre: Garage, Hunting
There's been quite a debate going on on Wikipedia on the relative meanings of these...
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What Does The "101" Mean In "American...
In e.g. "American History 101", what does the 101 mean, and what is the correct context...
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I've tested all of the links in the Resources (Categorized Links) file at my Web...
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Decline Of The English Language
Here is a mini lesson for those native English-language speakers that write as though...
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Red Wine?
Hi I wonder what should I say if I go to a restaurant and order red wine?? should...
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Dice - Die
Hi AUE, I hope you can help me with this issue which we've been discussing in alt...
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