Desirable USA Name-Change
This may be a wild and crazy idea, but the correct name for the "USA" or "America...
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"Hot Dogs" As "Sausages" - Redux
A coincidence. Just as I finished lunch a hot dog on a bun, a tomato, potato salad...
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Hectic As Positive
I recently (fifteen minutes ago) encountered the use of "hectic" in a positive sense...
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Is "Is" A Verb?
"is" doesn't seem to be a verb like (say) "runs" insofar as it isn't qualified by...
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Laying Charges
I just read an article about a man in Canada who chased his hat underneath a slow...
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Branch Of English Or A Separate Language...
Branch of English or a Separate Language?
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New Page On The AUE Site: Pronunciation...
There's a new page on the alt-usage-english site, showing the pronunciation of some...
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Help! English Incomprehensible Logic ...
“speaking is a result of acquisition, not its cause" - is anybody able to explain...
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OED Has Another Thing Coming
The latest round of draft entries for the New Edition of the OED has been released...
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National Spelling Bee
I've been watching and I 've yet to see them present a word of English /Anglo-Saxon...
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Raisin Secs
I've noticed that English tends to have separate nouns for objects, such as, "grapes...
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I wonder if other languages than English have the word "teenager" and the associated...
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Isn't That The Capital Of Sweden?
(Mailed to the International Herald Tribune and posted to alt.usage.english.) The...
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Here's a fun test. The BBC has a "Spot the fake smile" test. 20 pictures of people...
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My Son, The Pope?
The short-list for a successor to the present Pope includes Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger...
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Should I Use The British Or American Spelling...
If I am writing an article about paper money, to a world-wide readership, including...
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Have (Got) In British English
As far as I know, you usually can't leave out "got" after "have" in negative and...
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It's Snowing.
I just noticed that we've had about 2 inches of snow. The UK will be closed down...
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Cilantro Or Coriander
Is there a pondian difference in the use of these terms? For that matter, is there...
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Traffic Circles, Rotaries, And Roundabouts
An off-topic thread in alt.folklore.computers brought it to my attention that many...
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