OED Has Another Thing Coming
The latest round of draft entries for the New Edition of the OED has been released...
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Laura Spira's Craving For Love
I suppose we all want attention; all of us want to be loved. Laura's obsession for...
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More On The South And Evolution
Here's a depressing article about the state of American cultural and educational...
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For My Wife And I
Still musing about this pronoun question, I ran some searches with some surprising...
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Sh Phoneme In English
The other day I surprised some people by using "knickers" as if it were a swearword...
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Gershwin Says "Ersters" And I Say Baloney
While watching "Shall We Dance?" (1937) last evening, I noticed that the character...
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Childrearing For Dummies
A recent email from a Leftpondian friend refers to a binky. I gather that this is...
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Sidney As A Female Name
I've just been reading "A suitable vengeance" by Elizabeth George, and have found...
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Congratulations To Tatyana And Garry
Hear Yiz, Hear Yiz, Hear Yiz, It is with great pleasure we can announce that the...
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i am a stupid french who need to improve his english. i look for friends to talk...
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When One Brings Forward The Date Of One...
Hi, say my birthday is on May 30th, which is a sunday, but I really want to tear...
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The Ukraine Or Ukraine
A person from the Ukraine has told a friend of mine that the country no longer takes...
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Another Letter To Sis
Dear Sis: For the first time, when reporting the doings in aue, I must report my...
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"One Of Those ... Who Is ..."
To the English-usage newsgroups I hope this isn't a FAQ ... I'm not a regular follower...
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The Best Way How To Improve Spoken English...
Hi friends, I'm a software engineer, I would like to improve my english fluency....
A friend of mine asked me the difference between "graveyard" and "cemetery". I didn...
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Me And My Friends?
Do you think 'me and my friends' is acceptable in a language learning aid meant for...
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I have recently been told that a speaker implies and a listener infers. My friend...
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A friend asked me to put together a list of words that are based around a sound....
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My Pet Dog?
Pleae help me to correct them, thanks! I have a pet dog. I named it Doggie. Doggie...