About The Present Perfect...
So i know that the present perfect is used to describe something that happened in...
OED Has Another Thing Coming
The latest round of draft entries for the New Edition of the OED has been released...
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Methods Of Polite Instruction
My first name is Armond. I pronounce my name "R-mund" (accent on the first syllable...
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Gershwin Says "Ersters" And I Say Baloney
While watching "Shall We Dance?" (1937) last evening, I noticed that the character...
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Subject-Verb Agreement (Oh No Not Again...
I hesitate to raise this one but I heard someone talking about Presidential elections...
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An associate of mine referred to the stand he was speaking at as a "podium." I asked...
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I've Been Here Too Long
Aue has become too much of my life. No, curb your enthusiasm, this is not an "I'm...
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I've tested all of the links in the Resources (Categorized Links) file at my Web...
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English Revolution Sweeping The World
"Half the world's population will be speaking or learning English by 2015, researchers...
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Literary Device Used Frequently In "The...
Hi all, I just finished "The Da Vinci Code" and enjoyed it. However, speaking as...
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"With Au Jus"
How common is the phrase (in English) "with au jus"? Each time I encounter it (on...
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Place Name Pronunciations
I can half understand why we don't say Paree, but why shouldn't English speaking...
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"Things Is Getting Worser And Worser"
A few months ago, I told you all that my son uses "thing" instead of "think" in the...
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Is English Forever In Bharat?
Forwarded message from "Mohan Sevak" ( From: "Mohan Sevak" ( Subject: IS ENGLISH...
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Common Usage
In another thread here, there was constant reference to the fact that certain words...
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Hindi, English And The Future
Forwarded message posted for discussion: Hindi, English and the future of India By...
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Latinos Or Hispanics
I call Spanish-speaking people in America Hispanics. Am I right in this, or wrong...
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N-1St? Or N-1Th?
If we were talking about some widget at location n-1, would this be the n-1st widget...
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Underbelly (Soft)
The phrase "soft underbelly" has always meant, to me, the most vulnerable part of...
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LGA Banned Words
BBC NEWS LGA banned words: full list Here is the full list of 200 words which, the...
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