I've tested all of the links in the Resources (Categorized Links) file at my Web...
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Common Usage
In another thread here, there was constant reference to the fact that certain words...
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For Some, Ships Are Feminine - Or Is That...
There is a discussion going on in fr.lettres.langue.anglaise about the use in English...
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American D For T
priddy, wadder, etc. Can anyone point me to some advice, techniques, and so on, for...
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Merriam-Webster Boners - #1: "Hispanic...
A few years ago, i wrote to Merriam-Webster about their definition of "Hispanic"...
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Using The Comma Correctly Is Often A Matter...
[link] Using the comma correctly is often a matter of tempo Not long ago I ended...
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New Interactive Online Dialect Survey
Dear linguists and other lovers of the English language: My new online survey of...
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Go To Hell - Is This Swearing?
Hello everyone, I was narrating a business conversation to my girlfriend. I have...
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A Puzzling Apostrophe.
The word "wanna" is one of those nonstandard terms (like "ain't") which has a standard...
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Google Friendship Redux
Wikipedia is now first when I Google 'jew' and Jewwatch second. Doing the search...
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The Royal And Episcopal Plural.
When executing formal documents, the UK queen writes in the plural "We, Elizabeth...
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Rising Inflection In Questions..
Hi all. A statement in English can be implied to be a question by speaking with a...
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Pronounciation Of Mobile
When talking about the 'mobile phone', I have always pronounced the word 'mobile...
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Phrasal Verbs
Hello ! In my opinion, phrasal verbs are one of the charms of the English language...
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Alternative Meanings
I received this in email the other day. ** Once again, The Washington Post published...
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In A French Newsgroup That
In a French newsgroup that focuses on English someone posted a question regarding...
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It's The Same Difference
In the movie "Once Upon A Time In America", there's a scene in the back of a pub...
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Is *Shine* Offensive?
Hi folks, Recently I had a chat with an American parish priest living in California...
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Brinkley's Beat--And Who Are Some Of The...
I am almost 3/4th the way though 'Brinkley's Beat'. The man is a damn good writter...
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Conservative And Liberal, Churchill Style
An odd post, but I hope you'll put up with it. There's a bit of a weird discussion...
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