Pedophiliac Phobia, Mixed With Homophobia
As RTE Online, an Irish new service, reported: The pop star Michael Jackson is to...
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"That's Not The Way We Talk"
"That's not the way we talk" is the headline above an article printed on today's...
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Are Bre Phone Terms Turning Ame?
I just phoned a hospital in England and was told by a recorded voice that the extension...
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Speling Refohrm
Hay, Yahl*, Luhks liek itz ben awiel sins ther haz ben anee seereeus diskushon ov...
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Ame Vs Bre: Garage, Hunting
There's been quite a debate going on on Wikipedia on the relative meanings of these...
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"Non-fat" milk, ice cream, yogurt etc. Anyone else have a problem with this? I always...
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A Lamentation Of Swans
Hi all, Can anyone confirm whether the phrase "a lamentation of swans" is the correct...
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Who Am I?
Can you guess my age, sex, profession, city or region of origin, or other details...
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"Jews" Instead Of "Israeli"? Why?
Why do Jews refer to themselves as Jews instead of their country of origin? People...
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From The Companion Volume To PBS Television...
Do You Speak American is a program which will appear on the US television network...
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Sunday Night (In Taiwan) Legal Humor
From the U. of Northern Florida's Web edition of the Spinnaker (quote) ridiculous...
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John Doe And Jane Doe
In the USA the names John Doe or Jane Doe is an "acronym" for a unknown corpse -...
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The Continent
I was reading a biography of someone who traveled among Germany, France, England...
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English County
Some years ago I was asked, by someone over the Internet trying to find out my location...
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Yellow Beer: Is There A Word For It?
I think you can correctly refer to a dark brown beer in English as "dark." Is there...
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Formerly Known As Jewfish
Interesting column. I'm pasting the entire article here because the Orlando Sentinel...
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Words Still Used In America But No Longer...
At it is asserted that the words and phrases in the left column below, all commonplace...
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What Nationality Have The Best Foriegn...
What nationality have the best foriegn accent when speaking English. I've personally...
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Use Translation Software On Book Publishing
Commercial translation software technologies are getting better and better. Today...
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'La-La Land'
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (Fourth Edition 2000) says...
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