Is "Is" A Verb?
"is" doesn't seem to be a verb like (say) "runs" insofar as it isn't qualified by...
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Laying Charges
I just read an article about a man in Canada who chased his hat underneath a slow...
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Branch Of English Or A Separate Language...
Branch of English or a Separate Language?
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Help! English Incomprehensible Logic ...
“speaking is a result of acquisition, not its cause" - is anybody able to explain...
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National Spelling Bee
I've been watching and I 've yet to see them present a word of English /Anglo-Saxon...
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Raisin Secs
I've noticed that English tends to have separate nouns for objects, such as, "grapes...
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I wonder if other languages than English have the word "teenager" and the associated...
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Disproven Disproved?
After my strode/stridden thread turned into a proved/proven thread, I discovered...
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Have (Got) In British English
As far as I know, you usually can't leave out "got" after "have" in negative and...
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Pedophiliac Phobia, Mixed With Homophobia
As RTE Online, an Irish new service, reported: The pop star Michael Jackson is to...
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It's Snowing.
I just noticed that we've had about 2 inches of snow. The UK will be closed down...
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"That's Not The Way We Talk"
"That's not the way we talk" is the headline above an article printed on today's...
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Robin Bignall
Robin gave me instructions on how to use his computer, I hope they work. He slipped...
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You Can't Insult An Englishman
Can you think of a really insulting term for a Brit? Something that elicits the emotions...
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Are Bre Phone Terms Turning Ame?
I just phoned a hospital in England and was told by a recorded voice that the extension...
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Sound Files For The IPA Handbook
I've come across what to me is a momentous discovery but to others here may be well...
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Odd Pronunciations Of English Words Derived...
Odd pronunciations of English words derived from French (some of which have been...
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Speling Refohrm
Hay, Yahl*, Luhks liek itz ben awiel sins ther haz ben anee seereeus diskushon ov...
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What Metaphor Am I Trying To Think Of...
I'm missing a metaphor: the one where something initially co-exists well with other...
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British Dialects
Would it be easy for a Brit, say, from London to be able to distinguish someone from...
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