Here's a fun test. The BBC has a "Spot the fake smile" test. 20 pictures of people...
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For My Wife And I
Still musing about this pronoun question, I ran some searches with some surprising...
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Eats, Shoots & Leaves
I've just come across the above-named volume by Lynne Truss: ISBN 1 86197 6127 It...
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"Proper English" --> Converting Numerical...
I am working on a "simple" computer program to convert numbers to long form english...
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Fight To Save English Spelling
Fight to save English spelling A campaign is being launched to protect English words...
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Metrosexuals A No-No For Linguists
Metrosexuals a no-no for linguists The Associated Press The TImes of India Thursday...
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English And French: Peace, Not War?
Good evening, I want to beg for your indulgence: on one hand, English is not my mother...
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Hindi, English And The Future
Forwarded message posted for discussion: Hindi, English and the future of India By...
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Butties Are Edible In England?
Among the seemingly excessive number of paragraph breaks, there's this sentence,...
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US English?
Here in the UK we speak "the queen's English". So what the heck do they speak in...
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The Globe And Mail.
I followed a link to an article by Lynn Coady about Stephen King in the Globe and...
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Smallest Number Without A Name
(Apropos of a lesson in which I teach students how to read numbers and the paradox...
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New Interactive Online Dialect Survey
Dear linguists and other lovers of the English language: My new online survey of...
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Various Questions
I have the following questions: 1. If someone calls you at your phone number at the...
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Lennon Meaning Of Line "A Working Class...
I'm having a hard time understanding the refrain (chorus), "A working class hero...
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If I Were Him ...
'If I were HIM, I would never tell my wife.' Funny, this. In this conditional clause...
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I'm Feeling Perky Today
I'm engaged in a discussion about using "perk" as a short form of "perquisite," as...
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American English And British English
Hi there and Happy New year all I think one of my new year resolutions is to improve...
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English Usage In The News: 2003 Recap
English usage in the 2003 recap [link]/ This page lists some memorable, and not...
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Hollywood Flops'r'us
2006: Hollywood diagnoses its audience Reviews, release dates, campaigns (and dull...
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