The Definition Of Marriage
The big discussion about the definition of marriage involving the right of gay couples...
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Mr And Mrs
First post to this froup (though I have lurked for a while). I was thinking about...
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Sidney As A Female Name
I've just been reading "A suitable vengeance" by Elizabeth George, and have found...
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Woody Allen & Soon Yee
What is Woody Allen's relationship with Soon Yee's children? Father? Step-father...
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"Things Is Getting Worser And Worser"
A few months ago, I told you all that my son uses "thing" instead of "think" in the...
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Congratulations To Tatyana And Garry
Hear Yiz, Hear Yiz, Hear Yiz, It is with great pleasure we can announce that the...
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"A" Or "An" Before "H--"
I normally say "an herb" or "an honor", where the is commonly dropped. Before most...
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The word "ramblers" has come up in UK news reports regarding to the property in the...
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Origin & Earliest Usage Of "Plonker" ...
Researching my family history I recently discovered that an ancestor of mine, first...
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Life Is Not A Potato.
I was confused by the expression "life is not a potato" in Chekhov's "My Wife". Is...
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Before Anyone Jumps Down My
Before anyone jumps down my throat, let me clarify that I'm not, in this post, referring...
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Hello I've just been taken to task by my wife for using the term ginger in conversation...
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If I Were Him ...
'If I were HIM, I would never tell my wife.' Funny, this. In this conditional clause...
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New Hampshire Supreme Court Cites From...
I was watching Paula Zahn Now on CNN and a legal case in New Hampshire was the...
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Will Vs. Be Going To?
Dear Friends, Imagine the following scenario: Husband and wife are watching a...
May He Rest In Peace
When the phrase " may he rest in peace " is inserted in the sentence without any...
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[=OT=] How To Open A Painted Shut Window...
Greets to aue! In our blissful marital home out in the shrubbery, but still inside...
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Hi I am currently filling in job application form where one has to give various examples...
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"My" Wife Vs. "The" Wife
What difference in meaning do you see between the two expressions?
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Circular Firing Squad
I read the phrase "circular firing squad" in an article this morning. I'd never heard...
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