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    Hello Guys! Please check my paragraph for mistakes and wrong wordings. And tell me, metaphor i used in opening line, can we use like this in topic sentences? Thanks! The computer, the caretaker of my studies, lies over the flat table at the other  ...
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    "kind of like the dumpy, middle-aged southern housewife who was never got onto the cheerleading team, and then obsessively pushes her own kids to pursue the life she never had." 'bad metaphor' is a euphemism here... I understand the first paragraph ...
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    The paragraph below is from a book, From Plant Traits to Vegetation Structure - By Bill Shipley. I cannot figure out the meaning of “organizing analogy.” To make any specific picture of the term, I googled and found out three sentences with ...
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    When it really counts , meaning is almost never communicated according to  the conduit metaphor , that is,  where  one person transmits a fixed, clear proposition to another by means of expressions in a common language, where both parties have ...
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    Maple syrup, the sap of the sugar maple fascinated early Europeans, seeming like a manifestation of the golden age described by Virgil: "Who would not marvel to see realized...in the frozen forest of Canada, those enchanted pictures that the ancient ...
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    HELLO can you help me correct this paragraph. Thank you very much Although Ichiro Suzuki has been a star player in Japan, he still needs to overcome a large of challenges including different culture, different language, and advanced skill in ...
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