Rid Of John Paul...Finally
Now that the recently-senile and always-bungling old pope is at last gone, perhaps...
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Isn't That The Capital Of Sweden?
(Mailed to the International Herald Tribune and posted to alt.usage.english.) The...
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Eats, Shoots & Leaves
I've just come across the above-named volume by Lynne Truss: ISBN 1 86197 6127 It...
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Simon Hughes Is Pure Evil
I think there comes a point when one has to admit that the devil does indeed exist...
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Some German Tongue Slips In English
X-Post de.etc.sprache.misc,alt.usage.english, F'up de.etc.sprache.misc. Answers may...
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Subjunctive Mood And Microsoft
If I were to type this sentence into Word 2003, and dividend taxes were gone, Word...
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IBM's Huge Mistake
Off-topic or not, this is from an article in today's Wall Street Journal, on-line...
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Interpretation Of A Sentence
The following sentence is from a monograph on Chinese writing: 'If one were to label...
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In another newsgroup, I've been involved in a discussion with a poster from Belgium...
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"The" Or No "The"
Hello All: To me, a "the" before the "US ambassador" in the following text is needed...
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His Or Their When Gender Unknown?
Sentence in question: "You can all but hear the engineer knocking their coffee cup...
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Spelling Errors More Common Than Ever
It almost seems to be an epidemic. I'm refering to the misspellings of basic English...
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California Town Wants Artist To Correct...
California town wants artist to correct spelling Last Updated Thu, 07 Oct 2004 10...
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The [Correct] Teaching Of English
As a student of Language and Linguistics, I find all of the discussions here to be...
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Writing Numerals...
I have a question about the numerals in the following sentence: " A ninethousand...
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To Err Is Human...
"To err is human, to be mauled by Spyware is, criminal". I came across this phrase...
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May I Help Who's Next In Line?
This morning at the bagel place the clerk said, "May I help who's next in line?"...
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Use Translation Software On Book Publishing
Commercial translation software technologies are getting better and better. Today...
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When To Use Further Vs Farther?
Due to a typographical error on my part, I'm re-posting this question separately...
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How To Fake A Distinct Perfectum Participes...
For the purpose of multilingual programming which I won't dwelve on here, I really...
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