The Decline And Fall Of The American Empire...
Recently, we've had a discussion on the "rank" of various countries, in particular...
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Manu Boycott
I see that the Manchester United fans have called a boycott on the team's sponsors...
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In-Your-Face Anti-Americanism In The UK
An interesting article about Rightpondia in today's Guardian: [link] Comment An...
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Found On The New England
Found on the New England Patriots newsgroup. When it's off season off topic reigns...
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Harry Potter And The Crock Of
Why do I find Harry Potter films glum, soulless, and without dramatic tension? Harry...
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Bush Mispronounces Nevada In First Presidential...
Bush mispronounces Nevada in first presidential visit The Associated Press The San...
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FRIDAY HUMOR From "Dena Jo Kanner" <>
Forwarded message from "Dena Jo Kanner" (Email Removed) ( From: "Dena Jo Kanner...
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The Best Triscuit
Searching for the optimum toppings for Triscuits, I tried slices of feta, Parmesan...
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Japanese Women Are Pregnant For 10 Months
A Japanese girl I know thought that women were pregnant for 10 months. Her Taiwanese...
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Interrogative Form For Ordinal Numbers
"Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States." What would be the interrogative...
Some Things Are Just Plain Weird
Kansas woman spent 2 years sitting on boyfriend's toilet 11:06 AM CDT on Thursday...
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Drawn And Tied
Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays is a delightful book co-authored by an American...
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Right, Left Or Center?
Back in the 1970s, I bought stock in a company called KinderCare, which ran a chain...
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Obama's Fog Index
There's been some discussion on whether Obama writes his own speeches or has a speechwriter...
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Phone English?
How do cutomer care representatives normally address a caller? Is it common to...
[=SDC=] Q61: Stringy Sentences
Make a sentence of the type "Can't wingers own American apes?" where words are hidden...
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Christian Priest Molests 12 Year Old Girl
CHRISTIAN PRIEST MOLESTS 12 YEAR OLD GIRL Forwarded message from "G.Subramaniam"...
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Hollywood's Hope For Record Summer Fades
Hollywood's hope for record summer fades Tue Jun 26, 2007 5:45PM EDT By Bob Tourtellotte...
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Question About Multiple Choice Exercise
Hi teachers, Are these correct directions according to the exercise? Circle the...
"There's A Storm Coming..."
Is there any way conceivable to count the number of times that line has appeared...
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