The Decline And Fall Of The American Empire...
Recently, we've had a discussion on the "rank" of various countries, in particular...
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Need Evaluation Of A Usage Point
"Times the number by a thousand." Is this construction: (1) Rural/regional? (2) Childish...
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I wonder if other languages than English have the word "teenager" and the associated...
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Here's a fun test. The BBC has a "Spot the fake smile" test. 20 pictures of people...
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"Finite" For "Greater Than Zero"
I was just thinking about this the other day, and since a good example drifted by...
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Manu Boycott
I see that the Manchester United fans have called a boycott on the team's sponsors...
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In-Your-Face Anti-Americanism In The UK
An interesting article about Rightpondia in today's Guardian: [link] Comment An...
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Found On The New England
Found on the New England Patriots newsgroup. When it's off season off topic reigns...
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Garden Path Sentence !
Hello! I would like to know Garden Path Sentence ! What does this term mean? 1. The...
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Harry Potter And The Crock Of
Why do I find Harry Potter films glum, soulless, and without dramatic tension? Harry...
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Butties Are Edible In England?
Among the seemingly excessive number of paragraph breaks, there's this sentence,...
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Paki - Offensive?
Discussion in another thread raises the question whether the work "Paki" as a short...
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"Loos On Becks And Sex"
Headline (Sky News, UK) LOOS ON BECKS AND SEX I knew that "Becks" referred to Beckham...
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Euphemism Gone Mad
I read some of the paragraphs about the latest US military personnel killed in action...
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I Changed My Phone Number.
A. I changed my phone number. B. I changed phone numbers. Google favors A over B...
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Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces
Hello, On a jigsaw puzzle piece, there is a number of male lobe-shaped protrusions...
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"Do You Know"
It's very common for Japanese people, when speaking English, to use the "do you know...
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Milliard: "Obsolete" Or Not?
We're trying to hash this out in the Wikipedia article, . It seems clear that dictionaries...
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Prejudiced In A Positive Way
I read an article in today's newspaper and found myself struggling for a word to...
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Coal In The Christmas Stocking
There have been a number of references to this in recent posts, which reminded me...
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