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    Hello Please, tell me what is wrong, if there is anything wrong Emotion: smile, with what I am going to write here: They should be waiting for us when we have got there. In the sub clause, the verb has past tense (get -got), and perfective aspect, which denotes ...
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    Scenario: There is a sale for this Sony LCD and it's $300. I bought it for $350 back then. Are these correct? What do they mean? 1. I would save $50 if I hadn't bought that LCD back then. 2. I would have saved $50 if I hadn't bought that LCD ...
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    Hi I am not a native english speaker.People around me very often speak "Did you went" not did you go.They are thinking "Went" is past tense verb and "go " is present tense verb , so "did you go" contains "Go" verb which is present tense so you need ...
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    Hi, i am new to this forum. I just hv a simple question. I just want to know when to use 'does' and when to use 'did' ? If i am right does goes with present tense and did goes with past tense. Ex. I didn't knew it. I dosen't know it. Am i right ? TIA.
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    Hello all, It is well known that in BrE the Present Perfect tense is used more frequently than in AmE. I wanted to ask whether the following two sentences should use Present Perfect in British English: 1. Who has just taken my newspaper? 2. Who has  ...
  • I have been very reluctant to use "I am writing to" in my letters. It sounds too odd to me. I know it is common usage and reflects the fact that "writing" is taking place. But compare performatives like "I promise" and "I swear," where the present ...
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    Why do we say 'I saw the boy fall and break his arm'? Why are the bold verbs in the simple present tense when the first verb 'saw' is in the simple past tense?
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    Fill in the blanks with the correct form of words given: 1. I __________ (read) a very interesting book now. 2. Joanne __________ (work) eight hours a day. 3. Tonight we __________ (see) a play at the thereatre. 4. Who __________ you __________ (speak ...
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    It goes up but at the same time goes down.Up toward the sky down toward the ground.It's present tense and past tense,too.Come for a ridejust me and you? Emotion: wink
  • I've often written "I daresay", though I was aware of "I dare say". Yesterday I happened to think that if "daresay" existed, there must be "daresaid", its past tense. Of course I realize that if I "dare say" something now, it is more reasonable to ...
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