The Skinny?
On the main 'downloads' page of ('download this'), I came across: "Get...
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"Proper English" --> Converting Numerical...
I am working on a "simple" computer program to convert numbers to long form english...
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Department Of Redundancy Department
I see that NBC (a TV network) has a new show called "The $25 Million Dollar Hoax...
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And/Or OR And / Or?
Hi. Regarding punctuation & style, what is a more proper way of writing: "and/or...
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"Long" Vowels And "Short" Vowels
Some remarks from different posters in recent days suggest that it's time to discuss...
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Punctuation Error In "Eats, Shoots & Leaves...
This doesn't arise very much these days, though, does it? I wonder why? The second...
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I Wonder: Question Or A Statement?
Would you punctuate "I wonder how it does that" with a period or a question mark...
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Nothing About Piscataway, NJ
Needing something to read while standing in a long checkout line at Costco, I bought...
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Writing Odds With A Colon
In my region (Connecticut, USA), I sometimes see chances of winning (even on forms...
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American Eggs
Can anyone tell me why the eggs taste so odd here? I don't notice the difference...
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Here in Japan, the English word "Christmas" is often used in advertisements and all...
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Nu Yawk "English": What The Heck?
I felt very badly about the slur. I could care less about otiose commas. I'm waiting...
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Vowel Lengths In English
Not long ago someone an Australian, I think maybe Peter Moylan? remarked in this...
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Yet More Clarification On Apostrophes
Hi there. I'm currently arguing with my editor. Can someone clarify: Three days...
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Is it 'Cooperative', or 'Co-operative'? This is driving me crazy... * JohnQ *
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Tips For Getting Fast And Full Responses...
Hi All I'm a native English speaker who is studying English grammar. I like to...
To Err Is Human...
"To err is human, to be mauled by Spyware is, criminal". I came across this phrase...
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"Herbert" Is Derogatory In The UK
It seems the Nigels don't like the Herberts. According to the new Concise Oxford...
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The 12 Quizzes Of Christmas #9
The Names of Things You Didn't Know Had Names From "That Book" by Mitchell Symons...
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Proper Use Of I.E. And E.G.
I know that: i.e. = That is e.g. = For example I have two questions about their use...
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