OED Has Another Thing Coming
The latest round of draft entries for the New Edition of the OED has been released...
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Sh Phoneme In English
The other day I surprised some people by using "knickers" as if it were a swearword...
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Gershwin Says "Ersters" And I Say Baloney
While watching "Shall We Dance?" (1937) last evening, I noticed that the character...
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I've Been Here Too Long
Aue has become too much of my life. No, curb your enthusiasm, this is not an "I'm...
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Congratulations To Tatyana And Garry
Hear Yiz, Hear Yiz, Hear Yiz, It is with great pleasure we can announce that the...
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"Things Is Getting Worser And Worser"
A few months ago, I told you all that my son uses "thing" instead of "think" in the...
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"A" Or "An" Before "H--"
I normally say "an herb" or "an honor", where the is commonly dropped. Before most...
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LGA Banned Words
BBC NEWS LGA banned words: full list Here is the full list of 200 words which, the...
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Hello I've just been taken to task by my wife for using the term ginger in conversation...
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Hi I am currently filling in job application form where one has to give various examples...
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Hey, Don't Call Me An Asian!
Hey, don't call me an Asian! Forwarded message from (Email Removed) ( Subject: Hey...
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Circular Firing Squad
I read the phrase "circular firing squad" in an article this morning. I'd never heard...
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Friend Of His/Him?
Let's say I am talking about a guy named Peter. 1. "I am a friend of Peter." 2...
Script Tip: Bumper Sticker Dialogue
BUMPER STICKER DIALOGUE by William C. Martell I was browsing Cafe Press (where the...
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Is There A Big Difference Between "V"...
I've been struggling to notice the difference between these two consonants but as...
Slang Meaning Of "Fit": Pondial?
Scene: this evening in the pub; about half a dozen people, chatting about nothing...
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I recently noticed marked differences in pronunciation of '"didn't". Monica Goodling...
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Death Of A Salesman?
Death of a Salesman (1949) A Pulitzer Prize–winning play by the American writer...
Two Things: Angry Vs. Mad / There's
1. My husband has this issue about my saying that I'm "mad at" him. Healways corrects...
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Pronouncing The Letter A
Greetings all I have not seen the following in any of the FAQs; the other day, I...
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