The Definition Of Marriage
The big discussion about the definition of marriage involving the right of gay couples...
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OED Has Another Thing Coming
The latest round of draft entries for the New Edition of the OED has been released...
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Laura Spira's Craving For Love
I suppose we all want attention; all of us want to be loved. Laura's obsession for...
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More On The South And Evolution
Here's a depressing article about the state of American cultural and educational...
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For My Wife And I
Still musing about this pronoun question, I ran some searches with some surprising...
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Mr And Mrs
First post to this froup (though I have lurked for a while). I was thinking about...
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Robin Bignall
Robin gave me instructions on how to use his computer, I hope they work. He slipped...
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Sh Phoneme In English
The other day I surprised some people by using "knickers" as if it were a swearword...
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Gershwin Says "Ersters" And I Say Baloney
While watching "Shall We Dance?" (1937) last evening, I noticed that the character...
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Childrearing For Dummies
A recent email from a Leftpondian friend refers to a binky. I gather that this is...
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"12 MID" And Several Other Confusing Errors...
Here is an email I received from my capmus Public Safety department, at "1:26 PM...
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Sidney As A Female Name
I've just been reading "A suitable vengeance" by Elizabeth George, and have found...
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I've Been Here Too Long
Aue has become too much of my life. No, curb your enthusiasm, this is not an "I'm...
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Woody Allen & Soon Yee
What is Woody Allen's relationship with Soon Yee's children? Father? Step-father...
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Congratulations To Tatyana And Garry
Hear Yiz, Hear Yiz, Hear Yiz, It is with great pleasure we can announce that the...
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"Things Is Getting Worser And Worser"
A few months ago, I told you all that my son uses "thing" instead of "think" in the...
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i am a stupid french who need to improve his english. i look for friends to talk...
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"A" Or "An" Before "H--"
I normally say "an herb" or "an honor", where the is commonly dropped. Before most...
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When One Brings Forward The Date Of One...
Hi, say my birthday is on May 30th, which is a sunday, but I really want to tear...
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The word "ramblers" has come up in UK news reports regarding to the property in the...
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