Garden Path Sentence !
Hello! I would like to know Garden Path Sentence ! What does this term mean? 1. The...
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Butties Are Edible In England?
Among the seemingly excessive number of paragraph breaks, there's this sentence,...
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Euphemism Gone Mad
I read some of the paragraphs about the latest US military personnel killed in action...
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I Changed My Phone Number.
A. I changed my phone number. B. I changed phone numbers. Google favors A over B...
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Another Letter To Sis
Dear Sis: For the first time, when reporting the doings in aue, I must report my...
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Monkeys & Typewriters - Original Point...
When I looked at the Monkey Shakespeare Simulator the other day, I remembered how...
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Is There Any Difference?
Could any one tell me what is the difference between American English language and...
Prejudiced In A Positive Way
I read an article in today's newspaper and found myself struggling for a word to...
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Two Questions?
The first question. I had a dispute with my English teacher. She told me that...
Relative Clause
I wonder if this sentence is correct: "ministers want more competition in a sector...
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Whether Vs. Whether Or Not
I just thought I'd provide an example of each usage for the benefit of the non-native...
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So Who Needs To Spell Crcreotly?
I saw this in a Eudora newsgroup today and thought some here might find it interesting...
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"Gloss" Or "Gloss Over"?
Consider the following two sentences: a) Nonetheless, as this setup is equally applicable...
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Describe The Difference?
Could you please help me to describe these two figures? Particularly, the part in...
"Yet" As "However"
I work with some wonderful copy editors. Yet I want to encourage them to stop doing...
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Negative Sentence With 'Think'
Would you look at the following sentence? "Nothing in it, I shouldn't think," said...
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The Importance Of Money?
My teacher made us write a little essay about 'The importance of ...." and I chose...
Compound, Complex Sentences And Commas
Hi, I have asked similar questions here before, so please forgive me while I wrestle...
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Does Sarcasm Work Both Ways?
Someone ends a paragraph with "You don't often associate California with good looking...
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Sox Vs. Socks
Okay, first let me say that I found this newsgroup today and have truly enjoyed reading...
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