"Girlie Men"
From today's US News Bulletin (a daily email I receive): begin quote In his speech...
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Why Allah?
I was just reading the first transcript that I've been able to find of the entire...
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Synopsis Of One Thousand And One Nights
recently i've been enchanted by Arabian Nights and Sir Richard Burton's baroque translation...
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Overuse Of The Word "Pee"
I know that we tend to be a lot less formal and euphemistic in our speech nowadays...
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"A" Or "An" Before "H--"
I normally say "an herb" or "an honor", where the is commonly dropped. Before most...
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RP - What A Rehearsal In Pretension !
How did such accent come about?!! Only a backwardly hierarchal society like the aristocracy...
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No [D] In My Speech?
The recent AUE discussions about the pronunciation of the consonants in a word like...
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Valley-Girl Speech
There has been much discussion in Usenet of the peculiarity of speech shown by some...
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Purpose Of 'Formal'
This derives from the discussion that I had with Mike Lyle concerning 'incredible...
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Old English Dictionary
By Old English, I mean words in modern use whose roots are in pre-Norman English...
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Are We There Yet Vs Arn't We There Yet
1. Are we there yet? 2. Aren't we there yet? Aren't they interchangeable, depending...
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The [Correct] Teaching Of English
As a student of Language and Linguistics, I find all of the discussions here to be...
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Face The Justice...
From President Bush's brief speech today: "Now he will face the justice he denied...
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Pronunciation Of "Transport"
Yesterday I watched the Queen's speech and heard her say ('tra:nspo:t) for "transport...
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"A Not Unintelligent Man"?
Dear all, What do you think of the construction "a not unintelligent man"? I know...
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Thanks For Your Listening.
Dear all, My son is going to take part in a storytelling contest. He is going to...
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How Many Tenses Used In Common English...
Hello, There's been a little debate fired in another newsgroup with an innocent question...
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Pronoun Order
Okay, this is a question that must have been asked to death, but I haven't found...
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"With Whom?" And "Who With?"
Does anybody know at what point in the history of English (in England) it became...
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Reagan's Speech On The Berlin Wall
In 1987, Peter Robinson wrote the speech in which Ronal Reagan demanded that Gorbachev...
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