I was watching CSI or one of its spin-offs the other night, and included was a story...
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More On The South And Evolution
Here's a depressing article about the state of American cultural and educational...
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University Slang
I noticed in perusing my OED Online that the word "hubris" emerged initially in English...
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Thumbs - Just Curious
From my experience, many English-speaking people insist a thumb is not a finger,...
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The Problem Of Ugliness
The airlines are considering a novel move: charge their overweight passengers more...
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Some German Tongue Slips In English
X-Post de.etc.sprache.misc,alt.usage.english, F'up de.etc.sprache.misc. Answers may...
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"Between You And I" As A Dialectal Usage
In the newsgroup alt.english.usage , the term "dialect" was recently discussed, and...
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"Jell-O Shots"
[link] or "NEW ORLEANS An 8-year-old girl was suspended for nine days for bringing...
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Do High School Students In The US, Canada...
Dear all, I want to know if high school students in the US, Canada, or Britain learn...
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US English?
Here in the UK we speak "the queen's English". So what the heck do they speak in...
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The Pope's Language: Latin
Am I the only person who has become suprised by the new Pope? He never speaks Italian...
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The Old College Try
"School" "College" "University" They often seem to me to be interchangeable in AmE...
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An Undistinguished Third?
Could someone familiar with English university grading explain to me the system used...
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Hey, One Of You Newspaper Archive Guys...
I first remember encountering the term "politically correct" in a Wall Street Journal...
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How Women Allegedly Differ From Men
From a recent article in the New York Times: 'How the functioning of X chromosomes...
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Dumbing Down Shakespeare
[link] article id=389412&in page id=1770 Dumbing down of Shakespeare: The translations...
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English Public School Lingo
Reading "My Name Is Michael Sibley" by John Bingham (1952), I ran across some terms...
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The [Correct] Teaching Of English
As a student of Language and Linguistics, I find all of the discussions here to be...
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Pronunciation Of Words Begining With Wh...
There seems to be a camp who insist that words beginning with wh like "whale" "white...
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Choosing Sides
What doe "choosing sides" in the following excerpt mean? For the first time since...
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