I was watching CSI or one of its spin-offs the other night, and included was a story...
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More On The South And Evolution
Here's a depressing article about the state of American cultural and educational...
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"12 MID" And Several Other Confusing Errors...
Here is an email I received from my capmus Public Safety department, at "1:26 PM...
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Stool And Faeces As Words For Manuals
In our laboratory we usually refer to "stool" while outside the laboratory people...
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(Long) Oxford Book
I am reading a book that was sent to me by another poster in aue. The sender will...
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University Slang
I noticed in perusing my OED Online that the word "hubris" emerged initially in English...
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"Long" Vowels And "Short" Vowels
Some remarks from different posters in recent days suggest that it's time to discuss...
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English Revolution Sweeping The World
"Half the world's population will be speaking or learning English by 2015, researchers...
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Thumbs - Just Curious
From my experience, many English-speaking people insist a thumb is not a finger,...
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The Problem Of Ugliness
The airlines are considering a novel move: charge their overweight passengers more...
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Hilarious Student Quotes -- POMO Goes...
Hubby is currently tearing at his hair in another round of marking. I've disappeared...
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Some German Tongue Slips In English
X-Post de.etc.sprache.misc,alt.usage.english, F'up de.etc.sprache.misc. Answers may...
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"Between You And I" As A Dialectal Usage
In the newsgroup alt.english.usage , the term "dialect" was recently discussed, and...
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"Jell-O Shots"
[link] or "NEW ORLEANS An 8-year-old girl was suspended for nine days for bringing...
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Do High School Students In The US, Canada...
Dear all, I want to know if high school students in the US, Canada, or Britain learn...
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US English?
Here in the UK we speak "the queen's English". So what the heck do they speak in...
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Christmas Tree Decorations
So my Japanese students are asking me how to describe the colorful spherical balls...
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The "Prison IS University" Metaphor -...
It's a while since I heard this metaphor cited, but it has had real currency in British...
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The Pope's Language: Latin
Am I the only person who has become suprised by the new Pope? He never speaks Italian...
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Two Flags - As Described By My EFL Students
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