New Page On The AUE Site: Pronunciation...
There's a new page on the alt-usage-english site, showing the pronunciation of some...
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I wonder if other languages than English have the word "teenager" and the associated...
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Here's a fun test. The BBC has a "Spot the fake smile" test. 20 pictures of people...
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"Proper English" --> Converting Numerical...
I am working on a "simple" computer program to convert numbers to long form english...
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Fight To Save English Spelling
Fight to save English spelling A campaign is being launched to protect English words...
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Decline Of The English Language
Here is a mini lesson for those native English-language speakers that write as though...
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A Lamentation Of Swans
Hi all, Can anyone confirm whether the phrase "a lamentation of swans" is the correct...
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Waving A Wooden Leg -- Wellerism?
I was listening to Sydney radio this afternoon amused by the range of eccentric expressions...
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Various Questions
I have the following questions: 1. If someone calls you at your phone number at the...
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Lennon Meaning Of Line "A Working Class...
I'm having a hard time understanding the refrain (chorus), "A working class hero...
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English Reform?
If it were feasible, would you reform any aspect of the English language other than...
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I'm Feeling Perky Today
I'm engaged in a discussion about using "perk" as a short form of "perquisite," as...
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English Children & Reading Learning
Hi, Being a non native speaker, I'd like to know how native English read to learn...
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American English And British English
Hi there and Happy New year all I think one of my new year resolutions is to improve...
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[=SDC=] Q38 Dancer's Delight
Question 38: A.u.e readers are certainly aware that regulated house numbers were...
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Need For Hindi Modern-Scientific Vocabulary
Need for Hindi scientific vocabulary Times News Network Saturday, September 27, 2003...
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Michael Quinion On Punctuation And Quotation...
While consulting Michael Quinion's World Wide Words Web site, I found that among...
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Space Before ? Or !
I always used to think that there should be a space between a word and a following...
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"Hu," From "Human," As A Pronoun
"Hu," from "human," as a gender-neutral pronoun.In our class on the future of the...
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Yesterday my daughter, who was visiting me, asked me to Google the word of the song...
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