Traffic Circles, Rotaries, And Roundabouts
An off-topic thread in alt.folklore.computers brought it to my attention that many...
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Are Bre Phone Terms Turning Ame?
I just phoned a hospital in England and was told by a recorded voice that the extension...
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Canadian Usage
According to Garner's Modern American Usage, substiting the phrase "as well" for...
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Dice - Die
Hi AUE, I hope you can help me with this issue which we've been discussing in alt...
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"Between You And I" As A Dialectal Usage
In the newsgroup alt.english.usage , the term "dialect" was recently discussed, and...
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Who Am I?
Can you guess my age, sex, profession, city or region of origin, or other details...
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From The Companion Volume To PBS Television...
Do You Speak American is a program which will appear on the US television network...
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Surprise No. 2: 'Polish Sausage' And ...
In a previous post to alt.english.usage , I wrote the following, in response to a...
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Bongo, Bwana?
For reasons unknown to me, a post I wrote to this thread, and which I reposted when...
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Hello. Could anyone please explain to me the difference in usage of "holiday" / ...
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More Confusion Re Bre "Fee Earner"
We recently discussed the peculiar BrEism "fee earner", which seems to be restricted...
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"Have Came"
I heard an Englishman on television use this construction. It sounds wrong to my...
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The First Annual AUE Celebrity Superlative...
Since we've just begun a new calendar year, I thought it would be fun to make a...
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Gibberish (A Bit Long)
I recently had an on-line debate over the usage of the word "gibberish". I'm not...
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Whup His Ass And Wail On His Head
"Wail on his head" seems to be a fairly rare American expression (only a few googlehits...
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Well, Doggies! Way Doggies! Hoo, Doggies...
In alt.english.usage , we have been discussing the possible origin of "Well, doggies...
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Misnamed American Animals .
when europeans first came to america they misnamed many species of animals and birds...
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A Couple Of Days
I have the following question - does "a couple of days" mean /exactly/ two days in...
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Redneck In South Africa, Etc.
OK. I'm reading The Steam Pig by James McClure, which I highly recommend BTW. It...
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Some Odd Pronunciation Spellings
In the St. Paul Pioneer Press last Sunday, in the cartoon section, appeared an...
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