I was watching CSI or one of its spin-offs the other night, and included was a story...
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More On The South And Evolution
Here's a depressing article about the state of American cultural and educational...
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Islam:Veiling Women!
Let us shed some light on what is considered in the West as the greatest symbol...
University Slang
I noticed in perusing my OED Online that the word "hubris" emerged initially in English...
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Thumbs - Just Curious
From my experience, many English-speaking people insist a thumb is not a finger,...
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Metrosexuals A No-No For Linguists
Metrosexuals a no-no for linguists The Associated Press The TImes of India Thursday...
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The Problem Of Ugliness
The airlines are considering a novel move: charge their overweight passengers more...
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Some German Tongue Slips In English
X-Post de.etc.sprache.misc,alt.usage.english, F'up de.etc.sprache.misc. Answers may...
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"Between You And I" As A Dialectal Usage
In the newsgroup alt.english.usage , the term "dialect" was recently discussed, and...
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"Jell-O Shots"
[link] or "NEW ORLEANS An 8-year-old girl was suspended for nine days for bringing...
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Do High School Students In The US, Canada...
Dear all, I want to know if high school students in the US, Canada, or Britain learn...
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US English?
Here in the UK we speak "the queen's English". So what the heck do they speak in...
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The Pope's Language: Latin
Am I the only person who has become suprised by the new Pope? He never speaks Italian...
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World's Shortest Poem
Contrary to what is reported by many, the world's shortest poem is not Fleas (Adam...
The Old College Try
"School" "College" "University" They often seem to me to be interchangeable in AmE...
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An Undistinguished Third?
Could someone familiar with English university grading explain to me the system used...
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Hey, One Of You Newspaper Archive Guys...
I first remember encountering the term "politically correct" in a Wall Street Journal...
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How Women Allegedly Differ From Men
From a recent article in the New York Times: 'How the functioning of X chromosomes...
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Dumbing Down Shakespeare
[link] article id=389412&in page id=1770 Dumbing down of Shakespeare: The translations...
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English Public School Lingo
Reading "My Name Is Michael Sibley" by John Bingham (1952), I ran across some terms...
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