Rid Of John Paul...Finally
Now that the recently-senile and always-bungling old pope is at last gone, perhaps...
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New Page On The AUE Site: Pronunciation...
There's a new page on the alt-usage-english site, showing the pronunciation of some...
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Need Evaluation Of A Usage Point
"Times the number by a thousand." Is this construction: (1) Rural/regional? (2) Childish...
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"Finite" For "Greater Than Zero"
I was just thinking about this the other day, and since a good example drifted by...
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Who Am I?
Can you guess my age, sex, profession, city or region of origin, or other details...
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Hello! I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask and I surely don't want...
Whether Vs. Whether Or Not
I just thought I'd provide an example of each usage for the benefit of the non-native...
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Need For Hindi Modern-Scientific Vocabulary
Need for Hindi scientific vocabulary Times News Network Saturday, September 27, 2003...
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"Cool" And "Spaz" In 1965
Noted in a Russell Baker column from 1965: "Observer: America's New Class System...
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"Gloss" Or "Gloss Over"?
Consider the following two sentences: a) Nonetheless, as this setup is equally applicable...
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Final Fantasy XI:
Dear the AUE, The other day I was playing Final Fantasy XI, and something happened...
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Bad English
Hi all, I'm quite good at English, but I cannot understand at all the paragraph under...
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Some Odd Pronunciation Spellings
In the St. Paul Pioneer Press last Sunday, in the cartoon section, appeared an...
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"Get Bent, You Freak."
The phrase in the subject line "get bent, you freak" has been used here of late....
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Usageaster Is Whack
NSOED: usageaster n. (derog., orig. US) (after poetaster) an inferior critic of language...
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"Timely" Usage
A quote from the San Francisco Chronicle, at about the middle of the column: "Unfortunately...
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"A MD" Or "An MD"?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the norm is to say "an historic" and "an hour." In...
Dashed Words
a) "According to the report, Harvard is the highest rated university." or b) "According...
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Relative Pronoun As Both Object And Subject...
I'm a longtime professional copy editor with a fairly firm grasp of English usage...
Sentence Review Please
All right, I know I've been taught proper usage/punctuation of "etc" but I forgot...
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