У нас задание в универе составить список популярных английских идиом в которых упоминаются разные части тела: heart, arm, eye, foot, leg, head, back. Я в ступоре )) кроме break one's heart и know by heart ничего в голову не приходит. Помогите пожалуйста!
Я англичанка и мне очень нравятся идиомы на английском языке и на русском языке.

"to put your foot in it" means to make a mistake, for example you told somebody a secret.
"to have itchy feet" means to be restless, or want to travel.
"an eye-opener" is something that is very surprising.
"an eyesore" is something that is very ugly.
"the apple of my eye" is someone who is loved very much.
"to have your hands tied" means that for some reason you cannot act freely.
"living from hand to mouth" means that you are very poor and have no money for food.

Best wishes
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