Как перевести на Английский; Он попросил её дверь не запирать, а то пока она её откроет, в командировку можно будет ему и не ехать.'

He asked her not to shut the door otherwise his business trip could have been delayed. Это совсем неточный перевод.

Весьма необычное предложение... Интересно, откуда оно?

Я бы перевёл так:

He asked her not to lock the door, because he would have to cancel his business trip to wait for her to open it.

или так:

He asked her not to lock the door because when she opened it it would be late to go on the business trip.

Thank you for your reply. It's from a magazine. Could you translate this sentence for me too?

"Я должна закончить все дела, связанные с продажей дома, не скучай без меня.''

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It wasn't easy for me to translate your first sentence, and I myself don't like my own translation, but I couldn't make it better. I suggest that you wait for a better translation, and, if you don't get it in a reasonable time (like three days), go to the English section and ask the members to review and correct your own translations.

RachellCould you translate this sentence for me too?
But what is your attempt at it?

My attempt? I have been waiting for a reply for a few days. No that I received a reply at last I decided to ask you to help me with this sentence too. That's my attempt and request.
Hi Rachell,

If you don't even make an effort to translate the sentences yourself, I don't think it's fair to expect the people to quickly do all the job instead of you. The teachers and native speakers here are volunteers, their time is limited, and they are more likely to help when they see a person is making some efforts to learn. We're not a translation service after all, we're a community that wants to help people improve their English.

As to your first sentence, I don't think I can come up with something better than Ant's first version.

As to your second sentence, please post your own translation first so that we can improve it or suggest a better one.
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Thanks for such a quick reply, Ruslana.

Well, I am not expecting people to do all the job instead of me of course:) and if a found a good translator service I wouldn't post questions on here at all. I think all my efforts to learn English are obvious, but not for everyone as it is.

Anyway, I have no desire to waste my time on here anymore. I would rather talk to professionals.

Please delete my account as soon as possible. Hope you will find time for it.