The ability to speak foreign languages is the necessary skill in the modern globalized world. It erases boundaries between countries, continents and cultures, maintains economic, political and cultural connections and accommodates economic growth. Furthermore, second-language skills help to obtain better employment, develop memory and mind and make people more tolerate. It is fair to say that society cannot live without foreign language skills. That's why, there are many teaching and studying methodologies, secrets, and tricks that promise students to make them proficiency in a month. Also, there are a many different language services, for students or freelancers to work. Besides you can order translation if you need. I know few platforms, this service is the best, I think. It sounds like fraud, isn't it?
We decided to gather some effective tips which help our readers to overcome disappointment believe in themselves and have strong language competence.

1.Set a goal

The understanding of the source of your wish to learn a language is a key point. First of all, you should answer the question “Why do you want to study a foreign language?” The learning without goal kills your motivation. However, the knowledge of things that make you study could help to overcome laziness and fear to failure. Do you want to apply for a new job? Maybe you goal to impress your friend? Think about your inner motives.

2.Learning language means learning many foreign words.

The majority of people have problems with this process. They think that they have a bad memory and give in before the start. However, you do not have to know all words of the language to speak fluently. For example, only 300 English words make up 65% written material. It gives encouragement, is not it?
Flashcards are an effective method to memorize words. Moreover, multiple writing down of words could help too. Furthermore, reading is one of the most useful methods to enlarge your vocabulary.

3.Practice, practice, practice

Sometimes, it is difficult to find speaking partner. In this case, you should speak to yourself. Do not feel stupid. Speaking practice is an essential part of studying a language that makes you confident and refreshes new word in your mind.

4.You should decide whether you want to learn with tutor or solo.

You could think that teacher’s service is expensive. However, there are many on-line platforms where you search tutors whose service you can afford. Polyglot is a linguistic site that gives the opportunity to users to find teacher’s assistance suited any pocket. Do you want to find native speaker or tutor of exotic language?

5.Believe in yourself.

The faith is a base for every activity. There is a misconception that adult people have worse ability to learn foreign languages. However, researchers from the university of Haifa claims that this opinion is a mistake. Adults can show better intuition for difficult and unknown grammar rules than children.

The second-language skills will open the world for you, make you more confident and help to find new friends.

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