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where can i find the pronunciation of the vowel ɘ̝ please?
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Hello everyone, I just need to know the way you read numbers. How can I read this one 1800? Is it one thousand eight hundred or Eighteen hundred? ------------------------------- Another question is, how do you read this one .86 volts Do we say ...
Asil IbrahimCan't I say point eighty six?
That wouldn't be natural.
Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
What is the difference in the AmE and BrE pronunciation of the word 'chair' in the link below please? http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/chair_1?q=chair Although the phonetic transcriptions are different it sounds the same to me.
 The AmE is rhotic—the final /r/ is pronounced. In BrE it is very faint or absent. This difference affects the preceding vowel sound(s) slightly. To me, those differences are accurately transcribed in the phonetics indicated.
Mister MicawberTo me, those differences are...
I hear simple schwa (ə) for both after the phoneme /e/ without the final /r/ being pronounced in BrE. ...
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I know I ask a lot, but I was wondering if somebody would be so kind to translate this sentence into any of the English dialects: When I was thirteen I realised I would never be the centre forward of Dinamo, and when I read „Cossacks“ from ...
 When I was thirteen, I realised I would never be the Dynamo's centre-forward, and when I read "Cossacks“ by Tolstoy it was clear that I would become a writer.
Anonymous For example, in US rural Southwestern dialect (Oklahoma, Texas, etc.) it might be:
"When I war jus' thirteen year, I already knowed I warn't ne'er gonna be no Dinamo cenner forward, ever. But then I read "Cossacks" by the Rooshian, Tolstoy, and I ...
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Hello. I've listened to the pronunciation of 'emphysema' a hundred times. emphysema : /ˌem.fəˈsiː.mə/ (from Cambridge dictionary) My question is why do I hear the 'ə' after f like e, but the 'ə' at the end of the word like a short a in 'cat'? I ...
farassooI've listened to the pronunciation of...
By now you've got auditory fatigue and are probably unable to distinguish one sound from another. Emotion: smile
farassooMy question is why do I hear the 'ə'...
/ə/ does not represent only one sound. It represents several reduced vowel sounds, in fact, a continuous spectrum of an infinite number of central ...
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