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replied to an anonymous question.
Is it ok to pronounce the city name 'athens' as [atana] or [ateni] if it is officially agreed as [atene]?
AnonymousIs it ok to pronounce the city name...
Those three are all non-English pronunciations which most native English speakers do not understand anyway. ...
commented on their own question.
Hi everyone, I'm not sure if you can help me with this but I think it's worth asking. I've noticed lately that I pronounce some words the British way and some the American. For instance, I pronounce the words like better, butter, bottom, matter ...
Ann225I've noticed lately that I pronounce...
There are more different British accents than American accents (dialects).
Just be yourself, and don't fear mixing them up.  ...
Ann225Do you think it's okay or should I...
I'm somewhat in disagreement with Alphecca on this. I think it's OK. You will be understood. But if I were you I would make some effort to choose one way and stick to that.
I once knew a man who had learned Spanish from various teachers over ...
 Thank you for your advice. I try to pronounce most of the words the British way, but not all them. Sometimes I watch interviews with British actors and some of them speak British English but they also pronounce some words like (hotter, better) the ...
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[video] At 56 seconds, Jimmy Kimmel says: And then you go on Facebook and you curse at the uncle you used to love when you were a kid. _____ when that's done brings us to the next stage. What did Jimmy Kimmel say in the blank? Also, does the uncle here refer ...
 And then you go on Facebook and you curse at the uncle you used to love when you were a kid. but___ when that's done brings us to the next stage.
listeneverAlso, does the uncle here refer to...
No, it means a real favorite uncle.  ...
AlpheccaStarsAnd then you go on Facebook and you...but when that's done brings us to the...
Then, what's the grammatical subject of the verb "brings"? ...
 Either "that" or the dummy "it", which the speaker has neglected to say, probably because he mentally has already said "that" in "that's done."
.. but when that's done (that, it) brings us to the next stage.
asked a question.
[video] At 2:42, Higgins suggests a stuffing recipe: Actually, I have a really fantastic stuffing recipe. It involves bread, butter, a little sausage, a little sage, a little bit of this. Mix it together. Put a little _____ sausage in there. Go like ...
replied to an anonymous question.
What is another way of saying "never give up".
 There are many. You can easily find some examples by using Google. Don't surrender comes to mind right away, but there're many others.
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