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Hi, I got a question that has been bothering me for quite a while. Do you always pronounce the /ɹ/ sound in /əɹ/? I know that officially it should be pronounced, but what about every-day speech? It's really hard to pronounce /əɹ/ followed by an ...
 Hello, Jakub P.—and welcome to English Forums. Thank you for registering as a member.
Jakub P.Oh sorry, I forgot to say that I...
Did you read the link 5jj gave you? It indicates that Americans are much more likely to retain their 'r' sounds. Nevertheless, there are American individuals ...
Jakub P.Can I pronounce it just /ˈwɒɾəˌslaɪd/...
Hmm. /ˈwɒɾəˌslaɪd/?
Americans say /ˈwɔɾɚˌslaɪd/. You can substitute /ə/ for /ɚ/, but it will sound more Bostonian. Also, many Americans use /a/ instead of /ɔ/. I'm not aware of any kind of American English that uses /ɒ/. Or if we do, it seems ...
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[video] At 2:47, Will Smith says, "It's like __________________________________________ and everything. And my kids are just like..." What's in the blank?
 It's like that intro; I did a intro and everything, and my kids
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[video] At 2:26, Will Smith says: But real performances. Everybody's...everybody's giving it a go. And Jimmy Fallon says (sort of overlaps): Everyone's ________. Everybody's _________, and you go, "Oh, I love...I want these characters, This is all fantastic." And you ...
 The first ones sound like cause, and the other sounds like unbelievable cool-points.
Somehow I hear /r/ sound in the pronunciation of 'cause'. Anyhow, what's "everyone's cause" mean here?
Also, at 2:27, Will Smith says,
"It's like ______________________________________________ and everything. And my kids are just like..."
What's ...
listeneverSomehow I hear /r/ sound in the...
That's not unusual.
listeneverAnyhow, what's "everyone's cause"...
I don't know. I haven't seen the movie.
listenever"It's like _____________________________________... and everything. And my kids are just...
I can't make out what he's saying there either. ...
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Some words that begin with letter 'A' like apple and animal are pronounced with [æ] and some words like away and awake are pronounced with schwa [ə] Are ther any rules please?
CalifJimIf the first syllable is stressed,...
What do you mean by it does not have to [æ] please? ...
 It can be another vowel/diphthong, as in aviation, also.
AnonymousWhat do you mean by it does not have to be [æ] please?
The letter "a" when in a stressed syllable at the beginning of a word can have any one of several pronunciations. [æ] is only one of these. I provided you with examples. The initial "a" is pronounced [æ] in some of them, but not in all of them.
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I can't recognize what he is saying in this video: [video] Starting at 5m41sec. "The selves are being ???" Could you tell me, please?
 "The shelves are being stocked". The last word "stocked" is not very clear, though.
 I see.
Thanks.Emotion: smile
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