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replied to an anonymous question.
now my topic is garbage reduction how will I start it
 Start with your thesis (main point) about the topic.
We need to throw away a lot more good things so the garbage pickers can earn more money and they can send their kids to school.
Anonymoushow will I start it How should I start it?
Tell a short anecdote about the undesirability and/or danger of too much garbage.
Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
can i find here a native english speaker ?
  There are several native speakers who regularly contribute here.
Anonymous  i need someone native speaker to improve my eng speaking skills. just funny chatting and speaking) in my turn i can help if someone need in my east european language
replied to 's question.
[video] The clip starts as follows: Fish: Totally sick! Turtle: I know. Isn't it great? Fish: No! I'm going to be totally sick. Turtle: It's the California current, dude. Got some _________ job. What's in the blank? Also, did the turtle leave out the subject ...
 Turtle: It's the California current, dude. Got some gnarly chop.
(I'm not sure about 'chop',)
 Thanks. I think that's right. One of the OSTs in the movie is named 'Gnarly Chop'.
Could you explain what this 'chop' means here?
listeneverCould you explain what this 'chop'...
a short, irregular, broken motion of waves; choppiness:
There's too much chop for rowing today. ...
replied to an anonymous question.
hello. it seems like sometimes people pronounce these words "can/cant" very similarly. i wonder how i can recognize each word easily. thank you
 With practice.
Anonymous They are not similar in all kinds of English.
Anonymoussometimes people pronounce these...'t" very similarly
In American English, yes. Here are two links where this topic has been discussed on our forum:
Pronouncing 'Can' & 'Can't'
Can - Can't
CJ ...
Anonymous replied to an anonymous question.
How to pronounce 'cribbing'? Is it /kribing/ or /kriebing/? (I mean "i" pronounced as in "sit" and "ie" as in "cry".)
Anonymous"i" pronounced as in "sit"
This sound is used in "cribbing".
Anonymous Thank you, CJ, for the reply.
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