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We have freedom now after so many years of our ancestors' struggles for it. Therefore, we shouldn't take it for granted or neglect our duty to maintain it. Is my way of using 'duty' natural enough? Is it better to say, 'duties' rather than 'duty?'
teacherJapanWhen would you use 'duties' instead...
You can use it when referring to specific obligations, e.g., when outlining a job description. ...
  Ah, specific obligations!! Now I get the idea!! Thank you very much again:-)
  I just asked a moderator to delete the other two posts related to this topic I mistakenly double posted. I am sorry for the confusion I may have caused you:-(
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Company took advantages of my computer experiences with evolving circumstance. Is it correct?
 Hello, emrahaltindis —and welcome to English Forums. Thank you for registering as a member.
My company took advantage of my computer experience with evolving circumstances.
I don't know what you mean, but at least I have fixed the grammar.
 Perhaps during evolving circumstances?
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Please post step plus questions.
 What does 'step plus' mean here, please?
replied to an anonymous question.
execption of reflexive pronoun
 Reflexive pronouns are myself, yourself, herself and so on. What is your question?
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I'm watching the video [video] Could you explain me some points: From 0.41 till 0.48 And I got used to that so I just figured that was where he was coming from and then he goes. - You know, I kind of like (Mr) Orange! At 1.02 and I kind of enjoyed that Is my ...
MAlexCould you explain me some points:
Could you explain to me some points?
 You are right. I'm not an English native speaker or writer. I'll try to correct my miswriting...
MAlexAnd I got used to that, so I just figured that was where he...m, and then he goes: You know, I kind of like (Mr) Orange!
MAlexand I kind of enjoyed that
MAlexIs my transcript accurate?
Basically, yes.
MAlexAnd if so, what is the meaning of the...
It means sort of/to some extent. ...
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