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replied to an anonymous question.
When you are out of your own country, do you say i am aboard or i am at aboard please
  When you are out of your country, you are abroad.
Anonymousi am
I am
Anonymous aboard
You mean 'abroad'.
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[video] At 3:07, Jimmy said, "And I think we should say hi to you at home ______________________." What did he say in the blank?
I think it might start with "if you", but I'm not sure.
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Sit back and enjoy the ultimate trip through the Kobe Bryant vault as we re-live the great behind-the-scenes moments collected during his amazing 20 year career what is vault how to pronounce re-live?
Silencio Tarsierwhat is vault
a large, room-sized safe
Silencio Tarsierre-live
Just like the verb "live" with "re" (ree) before it.
Yes, in the sentence you give, you can imagine that Kobe Bryant has stored all his most treasured moments in a large safe room
The presenter is inviting you to re-live some of those moments
replied to 's question.
is it prononciated as read or read/
 "Read" is the form for the present tense and the past tense of the verb "to read." It is pronounced like /riyd/ in the present tense and /red/ in the past.
The word you wanted was "pronounced," not "prononciated," which is not a word.
There is a ...
Anonymous replied to 's question.
[video] At 10 seconds, Alfred (British accent) said something like:  Why not I drop you off on the second? Did he really say this? If so does it make sense? If not what did he really say?
 This speaker of BrE heard 'Why don't I drop you off on the second?.The accent is moderately similar to my own, and so it sounds natural to me.
fivejedjonThis speaker of BrE heard 'Why don't...
Thank you very much. ...
listeneverIf so does it make sense?
Yes, it makes sense. He's referring to the floor number here. "Why don't I drop you off on the second [floor]?" Someone might also say, "There's trouble on three." Meaning, the third floor.
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