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May I use "he" for a spiritual leaders like Dalai Lama?
Anonymous May I use "he" for a spiritual...
You can use "he" for any male. ...
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Neither my husband nor i have any residence in this city
 Hello, jaya126 —and welcome to English Forums. Thank you for registering as a member.
You most always capitalize 'I':
Neither my husband nor I maintain a residence in this city.
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What is correct when we say it will benefit you or it will be useful
 I'm afraid I don't understand what you are asking. It is fine to say, "It will benefit you," or "It will be useful."
 It will benefit you.
It will be useful to you.
Both are correct English.
I have put up a new video on how to pronounce 'th' (voiced and unvoiced). I also demonstrate how to differentiate 'th' from other sounds that are often used as substitutions for 'th'. You can find it at https://youtu.be/3MFpYsPsWyM I hope you find it useful! Dr Norman
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[video] At 1:10, the BBC reporter said: At the university entrance, our minders bow before a huge statue of ____________________________________. Please fill in the blank.
 Thanks. So he was just listing stuff there? "this, that and the other"?
 This, that and the other is an expression meaning various things.
listeneverFor example, the President of the...
See http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/generalissimo
listeneverNoble Laureate
Nobel ...
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