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I''m aan seventeen year olde girl who does a project on the school system of England and America. Because of me living in Holland it is very hard to get many results. therefore i would be very pleased and gratified if you would film in this ...
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I am not good in sentence formation. How can I improve it? Is there any online course or videos Thank u Emotion: smile
dhani kondaIs there any online course or videos
dhani konda How can I improve it?
You have to read a lot.
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I have just put up a new video with useful tips and strategies for success in the IELTS listening test sections 1 and 2. You can find it at https://youtu.be/h5ANcMkbJLY I hope you find it useful! Dr Norman
 Good job.Emotion: yes
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hello! I'm jenny,I need your help? how can I register an English school here at dumaguete city?I really need learn and study school in English only? what school English u recommend? thank you God bless all
 Hi Jenny
While you are looking for an appropriate English school in Dumaguete City, you may find the online course that I offer helpful. Have a look at my profile and then click on the website to see if what we have suits you.
When you are looking ...
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I have just put up a video on how to choose the best ESL English teacher for you. You can find it at https://youtu.be/ZHgygY94aww . I hope you find it useful. Best wishes Dr Norman
Anonymous  Tnx
Anonymous  What does it mean ..where you have been all places in India
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Malta Sprachreisen, Elanguest


Die Sprachschule wurde von David und Ursula West gegründet, mit dem Ziel im Hinterkopf, eine freundliche und unterstützende Umgebung zu schaffen, in der unsere Schüler von guten Lehrern Englisch lernen können

Elanguest English School in Malta.


Specialising in General English for Beginners to Advanced. Also Business & Medical English and preparation classes for Cambridge ESOL exams.

Learn Spanish in Chile


Spanish courses specially designed for foreigners traveling throughout Chile and South America.


Estudiar Ingles en malta


Estudia inglés en una atmósfera relajada y amistosa. Descubre como rápidamente mejorarás tus capacidades lingüísticas tanto si eres un estudiante principiante como avanzado.

Vocabulary Builder

Vocaboly - Build vocabulary with flash cards, dynamic test and games, for SAT, TOEFL, GMT, GRE and general vocabulary


English Courses in Malta


Amazing new site helps you find cheaper English language courses in Malta


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